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The Guardian: For Russian deficiency grechki - all the same as though in Britain a delicacy became fast food

Deficiency grechki has struck on patriotic pride of Russians, writes Friday number The Guardian. In the West grechkoj usually fill pillows that is why foreigners more often bewildered ask: « And what, napolnitel for sleeping accessories it is possible to eat? ». In Russia grechka - hardly probable not a unique product which associates only with Russian cuisine as Ukrainians and Poles, for example, can apply for a borsch. Buckwheat cereal is good in all kinds, the author of article in The Guardian educates English readers.
And here in Russia there was a deficiency grechki. It all the same as in Britain there would be a poor harvest of a potato and a fried potato - local traditional fast food - would turn to an expensive delicacy.
« but the most amazing - this news is discussed with what heat in Russia: Even financial crisis has not provoked so panic reaction, - writes The Guardian. - the majority of Russians reacts To political decisions of type of renaming of militia wearily - sarcastically: Aha, certainly but deficiency grechki has stirred up long-term fears of the nation which for one century has seen two world wars and some waves of general hunger ».
According to the author, the majority of Russians are revolted at all by tricks of dealers which hold stocks grechki, and necessity again to import the foodstuffs.

And American The Wall Street Journal believes that the poor harvest reason in Russia and in Ukraine - not global warming, and long-term decline of the agriculture till now enduring a communistic legacy. Today the business newspaper of the USA publishes article of Douglas Sautgejta, the professor of University of the State of Ohio under heading « the Stalin crop ».
- the Property rights to village are badly formulated, commercial credits are inaccessible. nerazvity and laws on bankruptcy that interferes with liquidation of inefficient economy and transfer of the earth and actives to skilful managing directors, - the author writes.

Meanwhile the Russian authorities try to state an estimation to an event in the food market and to put things in order. The prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin during a trip across the Far East on Friday, on August, 27th, has declared that rise in prices for bread in any way   it is connected with the objective reasons.
is a speculative growth. Simply someone makes profit of circumstances, - the prime minister has underlined. Also has disposed, that regional antimonopoly structures have checked up and have traced the rise in prices reasons, and the administration should take measures.
apropos « a buckwheat agiotage » on Friday, on August, 27th, it was voiced also the governor of Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko.
- Grechka has lain too long, I think, zhuchki were got, and it was necessary to dump it to the population, - have told Matvienko at today`s session of a city government.
the governor of northern capital has explained that as the person occupying a state post, she authentically knows that in the country it is enough foodstuffs for maintenance of needs of Russia.

And in Ukraine the power have already reflected on entering state regulation of the prices on grechku. About it today, on August, 27th, in Kiev has declared agrarian vitse - prime minister Victor Slauta.
- We this culture take as object of price regulation in agrarian fund, - Slauta has told.
the Prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov as a matter of fact has accused mass-media of an excessive demand for groats:
- Now the agiotage is created around grechki, - Azarov has told. - the scenario is identical: at first a plot on television, then the comment of some experts, and our population very impressionable. I am converted to all citizens of Ukraine: In the state there are enough stocks grechihi, grains, other articles of food to compensate small reduction of a crop of current year from - for abnormal droughts.