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On Monday in Kirov the kindergarten

Now in Kirov 6500 children from 2 months till 6 years to which did not manage a place in a kindergarten opens. Parents of 1500 kids are on welfare as not received a place. Parents of other kids need to wait simply when in a city new children`s institutions will open.
on Monday, on August, 30th, after major repairs the kindergarten to the address street of Cosmonaut Vladislav Volkova, 2/ 2 opens. The establishment will accept in the walls of 220 children of different age. Building major repairs have begun in 2008. The roof is repaired, brick verandahs are constructed, pool transition is repaired, the territory is protected by a metal fence. Street illumination is restored. For all works has left 47 million roubles.
- problems of parents gradually dare, - the head of department of education of a city administration of Kirov Vera Zhujkova assures. - Next year on major repairs of preschool educational institutions in city budget it is planned to put 100 million roubles.
hundred millions will suffice on major repairs of two buildings.
this year in October, 2010 will open a garden calculated on 210 places. And in December   - on 90. One more building will open in January, 2011, it will accept 200 children.
so, by January, 2011 the turn in a garden will be reduced approximately to 720 places. And the number of the parents obtaining compensation for not received place, will increase to 2500 persons. But nevertheless the place in a garden will be waited by 780 more kids.

by the way
works on design - the budget documentation for kindergarten building in Pure Ponds have already begun. To construct in this microdistrict a building it is planned by 2012.