Rus News Journal

To climb on a camel it is possible free of charge, and slezt - for 10 dollars!


Tasting in wine pogrebkah can not be worthy of it, how much you for it have paid. For example, for 25 euros to you offer « taste of the present Hungarian wine and a goulash ». As a rule, guides have percent from trusting tourists and conduct them in a certain place. Wine on test to you will pour, but only at all that grade and endurance as promised, and you will hardly be sated with tiny portion of a goulash. For that money that you will give for tasting, in a supermarket it is possible to buy 6 - 7 bottles decent tokajskogo wines.



do not forget that system « all inclusive » in hotels pays spirits only local manufacture. And on them try to save. Tourists complain very often that in a bar submit it the diluted beer, and instead of juice give a drink in a powder, diluted with water. And local wine appears not the best quality. Then the people are surprised: has drunk three glasses of beer - and as sober as a judge!



Instead of the present Egyptian souvenirs to you I can sell Made in China so attentively read labels. Instead of a figure from basalt you easily can get a figure from the soap, painted black colour. In the Museum of the papyrus after demonstration of how the present papyrus becomes, to you can sell a fake vtridoroga. A pier, here this real!

Still known history - when to you suggest to climb on a camel and to be photographed. Will climb - that you free of charge, and here to return on the earth, it is necessary to pay from 2 to 10 dollars.


Here swindlers too earn Morocco in photos with exotic. Only instead of a camel to you offer a nonpoisonous reptile. Will not be in time you and word to tell how it already will be at you on a neck, and the photographer will start to click the camera. And one photo costs 20 dollars! An exit two - or to break a reptile from a neck, or to give to the dealer one dollar.



lives In the well-known temple of Uluvatu a large quantity of monkeys. From tourists they tear off all small subjects: points, bracelets, obodki, a beads. To return itself things it is possible faster, but only if you pay lounging about nearby local « to the expert in monkeys » 1 - 2 dollars.

And still the intelligent man can approach to you and get acquainted. Lovely conversation will proceed its story that it collects coins of the different countries and will ask you as a gift a banknote of that country, whence you have arrived. You get a purse, and it snatches out it at you from hands and disappears.



to you offer excursion by a river ship. For 25 euros promise a buffet, live music and romanticism of a vesper city. Already on a trip it appears that only a champagne half-glass it is free, and for any drink, whether it be alcohol or simply glass of water, it is necessary to pay. And the prices bite!



policemen approach To you and ask to show documents. As a rule, the passport at tourists lies in one handbag with a purse. After a meeting with false guards you easily can lose it. So in advance learn, how the present policemen look.

One more widespread kind of swindle in the large tourist centres of Italy - failure of a handbag from a shoulder the motorcyclist driving by. You even will not have time to gasp, and the pilferer has disappeared with your bag! So the belt of a bag is better for putting on a neck or to pass through a shoulder - as postman Petchkin.



it is possible to get To an unpleasant situation at local restaurant where submit svezhevylovlennuju fish. You will be served by smiling waiters and to accompany all it is phrases: « It is compliment ». But the bill which to you will bring in the end of a supper, can pass for 200 euros! There are two cunnings. In - the first, in such institutions in the menu the exact weight of a product which to you should bring is not underlined. The price costs averaged, and the cook himself solves, what piece to prepare. And a phrase: « Itiscompliment » actually sounds as: « ItiscomplEment » That in transfer means that it is paid separately.



If you dare to change money not in bank, and in street exchange office, be ready not only to frauds with converting. At times swindlers can vsuchit to the trusting tourist the local money which has left the reference - are left. Really, who from visitors can distinguish portraits - figures on old and new money? So once again note: all exchange operations make only in banks!



What to do if on a trip have stolen a bag with documents?

Swindlers who on the run snatch out bags at zazevavshihsja tourists, abroad suffice. Only you have guided an objective to photograph the next place of interest as your things and the trace has caught a cold! And there the most valuable - the passport without which you cannot come back home.

What to do?

the Step the first. Be converted into police. It is necessary that the theft fact has been fixed.

the Step of the second. With the inquiry from police go to consulate, embassy or representation of Belarus in that country where you are. Only here you can receive the certificate on returning. This process can be accelerated, if you on hands have copies of documents. So be not too lazy otkserokopirovat passport pages before departure - let will be with itself just in case. Take with itself and some your passport photos. And even before departure necessarily copy phone numbers of the Belarus representations in that country where you go.

Some simple rules which will help you to avoid problems with documents on rest:

- Always keep the passport around and pawn nobody it.

- Put the passport in inside pockets of clothes or carefully watch a bag in which the passport lies.

- do not hold the passport and the insurance together. If it will be withdrawn by predators - your insurance will be gone also. So before departure make also its x-copy.