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Masha from a serial Voroniny in school goes only to cinema

- Natalia, on September, 1st on a nose... 6 - summer Masha becomes the first-grader? - We are interested at mum of the young actress.

- We were going to go to school in six years, but at Masha so much favourite affairs that we have decided to prolong pleasure for a year. Masha and at cinema acts in film, and in gymnastics is engaged, and recently has told that very much wants to study English language. But if I have sent to its school this year, it should to refuse many employment, therefore we have decided to wait a little. We with Masha have accepted this decision together, I did not press and did not insist.

- And what Masha has told?

- From time to time I heard from it: « Mum, send to me school! I want to study! » but when time in this question has come to be defined, Masha has told: « Mum, I the girl, me it is not necessary to go to army, so do not worry, we will go to school in seven and a half! » probably, from adults something has heard (smiles ). I even was delighted: at transition in the senior school Masha will be more adult and is more serious.

- In the senior school is in other educational institution?

- Yes because that grammar school in which Masha will go to the first class, only to the fifth class, and then it is necessary to search for other school. It is a pity, certainly: the grammar school very good, but is elementary school and if it was possible to study there to 11 - go a class, I would be very happy.

- As you prepare Masha for school?

- I much with it am engaged since the early childhood. To read we have begun since three years though it is possible to tell that since two months: when Masha was absolutely small, I read it Chekhov. It lay, looked at me, blinked and, appear, all understood ( smiles ). Masha was not five years old when she has started to spell itself, it on a broader scale quickly seizes all. And problems solves simple, and writes - truth, while only printing letters. But, I think, for a year we with it will make up for it. Friends for fun are interested that it will do in the first class.

This backpack is required to the six-year actress only next year, but its heroin — already on September, 1st

- By the way, now testing for doshkoljat any is? Special preparation is Perhaps necessary?

is a testing Masha has already passed, still before we have made decision to go to study only the next year. And has passed with excellent result: it has appeared one of the best. Therefore when I have taken away documents, the psychologist and the teacher sincerely were surprised.

- the School uniform in this grammar school is entered?

- Yes, and Masha it is pleasant. I too consider that it is quite good: as - in any way will organise children.

- Who grows from Masha: « the physicist » or « the lyric poet »?

- Not the physicist, it is exact! Probably, the humanist though to think difficult. Bents now like one but who knows that will be then. Now, at least, Masha very much likes history, the literature, and also she wants to study language.

- That you read to a daughter for the night?

- Literally yesterday read it Nosova. And still we study the program of the first class, therefore we read classics. Masha loves Chekhov, Andersen, but prefers to read not itself, and to connect me ( smiles ).

- answering a question of your acquaintances: so Masha will do in the first class, time both to read, and to write, and to consider already is able?

- I do not think that to it it will be boring. It seems to me, to Masha it will be simple easier. And then, very many depends on teachers, and they in that grammar school the remarkable!