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In Murmansk will pass fight for a rank of the world champion

Such the polar capital yet did not see. For the first time in Murmansk fight for a rank of the world champion under the version (Pan - azian boxing association) PABA will take place. On September, 25th in the Ice palace of sports one of the strongest boxers in the world will converge on a ring.

- As it was possible to organise in polar capital so scale action? - We have asked its organizers.


Andrey Pulkin has brought for the first time to the Polar region of stars of world sports.
a photo: Sergeys ANDREYS

There were many complexities. It is a tough job from the material and organizational parties. But we with it have consulted, - the head of the company « speaks; M - boxing promotion » Andrey Pulkin. - Negotiations with fighters I began to conduct still half a year back. To persuade to arrive to Murmansk so known boxers uneasy business. It was possible to get Nikolay Valueva`s support which becomes the guest of honour of evening of boxing. He with warmth responded about the North and said that very much wants to visit Murmansk. Such action urged to raise prestigiousness as boxing, and all sports. Especially among youth. Agree, in Murmansk you will infrequently see fascinating fights of real professionals.

- And version PABA is how much prestigious?

- It enters into the six of leading associations of boxing in the world, - Andrey Pulkin speaks. - Many known champions became winners of this version: Nikolay Valuev, Ruslan Chagaev, Evander Holifild.

- As will pass evening of boxing?

- On arena of the Ice palace of sports the boxing ring will be established. Spectators and guests of honour of evening will see six duels in various weight categories. The most interesting fight in heavy weight where two known boxers - Ali Ismailov supporting Azerbaijan and Russia will battle, and Hungarian Joseph Nagi is expected. In career of everyone more than two tens fights on professional arena the most part from which for both came to an end with victories. Also fights in supereasy, easy, average, superaverage and superheavy weight categories will take place. By the way, in one of duels the native of Murmansk Daniel Peretjatko, on a nickname of Shrek will act.

Winners of fights will receive the big bonus. What their size - a trade secret.

humorist Nikolay Lukinsky will Conduct the program. By the way, the great admirer of boxing and the winner of television show « the King of a ring » on the First channel. And Nikolay Valuev becomes the main visitor and a star of evening. No, it will not battle on a ring, but for spectators the world champion and the movie star has prepared some gifts. By the way, only its abiding on our earth will not be limited to boxing. Nikolay Valuev has expressed desire to fish on Kola peninsula.

Well and more one guest of honour of competitions is remembered well by old admirers of boxing. It is the Soviet legend of a ring Igor Vysotsky - the most popular superheavyweight shining in 70 - h years of the last century.

To be present on evening of boxing many officials of region have expressed desire: the commander of Northern fleet Nikolay Maksimov, the prosecutor of the region and heads of other power departments and even the mayor of Lipetsk. It is planned that will visit action governor Dmitry Dmitrienko.

Fights will begin on Saturday in 16. 00 in the Ice palace of sports. Spectators are waited by weight of surprises. To get tickets it is possible in cash desks of the Ice palace of sports. The information by phones: (8152 555 - 853 and 8 - 911 - 302 - 77 - 64.