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Defaulters under housing credits will allow to move from apartments

Among social and economic problems which were discussed with Alexander Lukashenko by representatives of trade unions past Thursday, have mentioned also credits for habitation. One of participants of congress has complained what to borrow at bank on building of apartment without guarantors it is almost impossible. And as though to make so that financed on the security?

- Today on the security apartment the bank takes, but has no right to move from apartment, such law at us is not present, - the head of Natsbank Peter Prokopovich has explained a situation. - but till the end of the year such law should consider in parliament.

- That is the person was already occupied, but should leave apartment (if does not pay under the credit. - Red.) ? - The president has specified.

- Yes. Then the bank will have a possibility not to be engaged at all guarantors.

- there Will be such law! - Alexander Lukashenko has agreed.

It is a question of the project new Housing the code - in this document will register the mechanism of eviction from apartments of defaulters under credits. Of Natsbank are assured that after that at us the present mortgage will earn.

- Banks do not apply today crediting on the security of real estate because then they cannot to use this put apartment. For example, today the family with small children cannot be moved from the apartment bought on tick even if they at all do not pay, - has told « the head of department of the information of Natsbank Anatoly Drozdov. - therefore banks actively use guarantee practice. As a result there was such situation that guarantors in the country do not suffice! If the person himself builds habitation on credit it not always can go the guarantor, after all the bank will consider its salary taking into account monthly payments. And habitation building on the security is a universal practice. Besides mortgage development will help us to build more apartments.

will is the QUESTION

the Defaulter on a mortgage loan to move on street?

Now the project of the new Housing code is in parliament., Most likely, it will consider already at autumn session.

- From apartments of people nobody will throw out, - have assured of the commission on the housing policy, building, trade and privatisation of the House of Representatives. - banks will register concrete mechanisms of eviction in the credit contracts. For example, if the person has already paid a credit part, apartment can expose on sale. The bank will take away the outstanding sum of the credit to itself, and for the rest the person can try to find to itself other habitation.


In Russia debtors on a mortgage will move in hostels

In the next Russia a mortgage exists already for a long time. Apartments of defaulters, as a rule, expose on auction, but this procedure can occupy even half a year. Therefore now neighbours are going to create special fund of social habitation. It will be something like hostels rooms in which will lease.