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We prepare a cream from petals of roses

we Clean vessels

to make means for clarification of vessels, it is necessary to process in a meat grinder on 250 grammes of a ramson, a root of a horse-radish, an onions and a lemon   with a dried peel. Then to fill in this mix in litre of boiled water of room temperature. To insist within 28 days. To accept two weeks 30 minutes prior to meal on   to a table spoon. To start to use means it is better from a dosage less - on one teaspoon, and then to increase to a dining room.

the comment : the structure of this recipe includes components which possess strong zhguchestju, - a ramson, a horse-radish and an onion so to the people, suffering affliction stomach diseases, such mix is better be not to accepting.

a house cream for eyelids

we Take petals of roses and it is carefully frayed   as it is possible more small. We add to petals one yolk and a table spoon of butter. Again all it is frayed in homogeneous weight. And then such cream we grease eyelids and a skin round eyes. To do procedure it is better for the night. After seven days of application the skin becomes elastic and wrinkles (« goose pads ») Round eyes will disappear. To store means it is better in the refrigerator.

the comment: a good thing! In egg the squirrel is a lot of, it feeds and strengthens, butter humidifies, and in rose-petals useful essence contains.

from a pain in joints

When joints are ill, it is good to use a compress from a radish and clay. It is necessary to take 100 grammes of clay (better brown) to add a little boiled water. To squeeze out juice from one radish (it should turn out approximately a half-glass) and to mix with clay.

then to grease a sore point with vegetable oil, clay to lay out on a gauze and to put this compress. As soon as burning, a compress to remove will begin. To use this means it is better twice a day and so until pains will not pass.

the comment: before using this method, it is desirable to consult with the doctor and to learn, why joints are ill. Basically such compresses quite good also will not do much harm - the radish at the expense of the zhguchesti will warm up and increase a blood stream, and clay, to the contrary, to cool.

at an anaemia

If you suffer affliction from an anaemia, try berry tea. It is necessary to take in equal parts fruits of a mountain ash ordinary and hips. To make boiled water, to allow to be drawn and drink such tea on a glass in day.

Galina Zhulina.

the Comment: will not be worse from this tea, but the efficiency guarantee too is not present, after all the anaemia happens a different origin, and not the fact that this means will approach to each case.

we treat a cold

to Make means for nose washing in house conditions very simply. Take a glass of warm boiled water, add a table spoon of sea salt and stir, while salt completely not to be dissolved. Add in a solution pair of drops of iodine and wash out this water a nose three times a day - the cold will leave.

Alla Aleksandrova.

the Comment: similar washing - excellent replacement to the present sea water, and it is very effective.