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The parliament has decided that students can vote only there where study

Parliament has accepted in the second reading of change in the Code about the elections, executions of a vote of students concerning simplification and pupils. Now they can vote in that settlement in which study even if are registered or constantly live in other place. The only stipulation for voting – it is necessary to sign the statement under own responsibility and to be on a site for voting with the identification card and the student`s card. Fraction PKRM has opposed these changes.  

- students did not have barriers at vote execution. It was appreciable and on voting on September, 5th.

- We for that students had the rights, could vote there where will wish but that them did not oblige to vote there where they study, - deputy PKRM Anatoly Zagorodnyj has underlined.   Besides, and non-governmental association „ Promo - Lex ” has urged deputies to find other decisions for simplification of voting of students.

- Respective alterations create discriminating conditions for other categories of the citizens who are in a similar situation, such as pupils on masterate, workers on buildings or other people without a constant residence from big cities. Besides, students and pupils owing to these changes will vote under additional lists, and it will increase suspicions concerning quality of lists of voters. At the same time situations of plural voting not giving in to check are possible, - is told in an appeal to the deputies, addressed by association „ Promo - Lex ” before legislature session.

And At this time

One voice has not sufficed parliament to pass in last reading the Law on National flag. The project has typed 50 voices from necessary 51. The chairman of parliament Mihaj Gimpu has specified in end of session of a legislature that the Law on National flag can be deemed accepted in the second reading as it is the ordinary law which is accepted by the majority of the deputies who are present at a hall. Gimpu recognised that has committed an error when in the beginning declared that the law has not passed, as for it 50 deputies have voted only.  

leader Dempartii Marian did not participate In voting the Magnifier, which during that moment dprovodil a briefing for journalists following the results of the visit to Moscow, and also its colleague on fraction Stela Zhantuan.  

- Such is our Alliance, - with disappointment the speaker has told.  

the Bill on the State flag was supported by deputies - communists, and also group « Uniform Moldova ». Has not voted for the project and independent deputy Victor Stepanjuk.  

the New law provides that the flag should be constantly lifted in boardrooms of parliament, the government, the Constitutional court, judicial instances and on buildings of official bodies.   also national flag should be without fail lifted in places of a disposition of military units of Armed forces, on buildings a staff - apartments of political parties, the trade-union organisations, educational institutions, culture establishments, in points of transition of border, the airports, stations and autostations with the international traffic, by the ships under the flag of our country.   it is forbidden to hang out a flag on the buildings which are in an emergency status or in a status of major repairs.

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