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Frontier guards KBR speak about preparation of a bandit underground for scale provocations

- From the beginning of year in Kabardino - Balkarii is detained 145 infringers of frontier, - has informed   on Friday at a briefing of the deputy the chief of Boundary management of FSB of the Russian Federation on KBR colonel Sergey Korotkov. - 144 persons are detained for frontier regime infringement. One person who has broken Russian - the Georgian border, has crossed it with economic - the household purposes.  

Speaking about operative conditions in republic, Sergey Korotkov, in particular, has told: Its analysis allows to assume that leaders of a bandit underground carry out preparation for carrying out of scale provocative actions for the purpose of conditions destabilization in region .

the Deputy the chief of Frontier management has noticed that the republic bandit underground in the autumn became more active. Within this year there was a constant extortion of large sums of money at businessmen of republic. For the last months in KBR a considerable quantity of the hunting weapon has been stolen. It is supposed that attacks on law enforcement officers will accrue. The attack on separate law-enforcement structures for the purpose of weapon abduction " is possible; - Korotkov has told.

He has noticed that especially vulnerable   concerning terrorist danger on - former there is a frontier Elbrus area. in Tyrnyauze and its vicinities the basic quantity diversionno - acts of terrorism " is made; - Sergey Korotkov has underlined. At the same time, he has noted, is direct in a frontier zone activity NVF is complicated by presence of an almost impassable mountain landscape, activity of frontier posts, and also absence in a border zone of settlements.

answering a question of journalists on presence of communications banpodpolja Kabardino - Balkarii with the Georgian special services, Korotkov has told: Communication Elbrus dzhamaata with the Georgian special services is, it is established. Now these communications are investigated to neutralise and neutralise them .