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eks - president Voronin: « Gimpu, give one million! »

the Moldavian politicians settle scores: fulfilling duties of the president has legal proceedings with eks - the president. Business the Kishinev court already has started to consider. The first the claim was submitted by liberals, having been indignant with a film « Attack to Moldova. As it was ». (The Film is devoted events on April, 7th, 2009). The Party leader, speaker Mihaj Gimpu declares that him and its nephew, the mayor of Kishinev Dorina Kirtoake, communists nezasluzhenno accuse of the organisation of disorders and revolution attempt.

- I Demand a refutation of these fabrications, - has declared Gimpu and has added that as indemnification will demand from Voronina... One ban, say, bolshego this film is not necessary.
the Speaker also demands apologies and indemnifications from the former head SIB Arthur Reshetnikova and the former General public prosecutor Valery Gurbuli, the given interviews in a film. The size of indemnifications - 1 pour.  

However communists have decided to submit the counterclaim – on Mihaja Gimpu and mayor Dorina Kirtoake. And again it will be a question of a film - « Truth about April, 7th » which has been shown on the Internet and which declared some mass-media. Lawyers assert that the film was reserved by Liberal party, and 2 million leev demand from it damage compensation in size
. (On one million from everyone)

- Liberals have shown other documentary film of which eks - president Vladimir Voronin was accused that on April, 7th it ostensibly stood up for actions of vandals, - the lawyer of communists Sergey Syrbu has told.

the Court has appointed new sessions to October, 20th and 25 to allow to lawyers of liberals time to familiarise with counterclaims and for a call of co-defendants. I do not know, for whom as, and for me personally all this judicial history promises to be entertaining, after all responsibility and that and other politician before the law is rather limited. At both — immunity and while speeches it was not conducted about that someone from them to deprive of inviolability.   a leah


It is possible to deprive of the president of immunity?

Article 81 of the Constitution of Moldova:

(2) President of Republic Moldova possesses inviolability. It cannot be involved in legal responsibility for the sights expressed at realisation of powers. (3) parliament can make the decision on excitation of charge against the president of Republic Moldova two thirds of voices of the selected deputies. According to the law proceeding is included into the competence of the Higher appellate court.


« SPEAK; We thought out nothing »

the Correspondent « has decided to ask personally authors of films, from - for which politicians have legal proceedings, a leah they are ready to be charged for reliability shown.

- At the heart of my film some components. In - the first, materials which competent bodies had and which at that point in time managed to be collected. In - the second, the obvious facts. If on video it is shown, how feet beat policemen as cry out slogans as call for violence — it, in my opinion, the obvious facts to call into question which it is not necessary. And the third component — statements of official competent persons. A leah I am ready to be responsible for reliability? I believe, the answer is obvious, - has told to the correspondent « » the author of a film « Attack to Moldova. As it was » Konstantin Starysh.

Authors of a film « Truth about April, 7th » - Group of young men, some of which enter into youth movement of Liberal party.

Ion Bargan about a film: Truth about April, 7th

- All truth about those events yet is not known by anybody — investigation is not finished yet, the adjusted total is not brought. Our film unlike « Attacks to Moldova » amateur, its basis — video data of newsfeeds which represented other point of view on events on April, 7th. To create such film was our personal initiative, only then we have published it on the Internet, have passed friends, have presented in Liberal party. We collected it in parts, video on 12 - in the beginning was simple 13 minutes, then we have decided it to sound, have sub-titled in Russian later. We thought out nothing from ourselves personally, all is supported by videoclips from the Moldavian, Russian, Romanian mass media. Any things are already proved, something is investigated, and it is necessary to prove something else, - has told to the correspondent « » vitse - the chairman of youth movement of the Liberal party, one of founders of a film Ion Bargan.


Vitaly NAGACHEVSKY, the lawyer:

- Proceeding from the Moldavian legislation, inviolability is at both — both at Gimpu, and at Voronina. The former president possesses immunity against civil, criminal and administrative responsibility. As to parliamentary immunity, it extends only on criminal and administrative responsibility. To deprive of someone from them inviolability, strong reasons are necessary. If Gimpu and Voronin have decided to sort out relations in court, that, according to rules of law, the court should consider this case and pass the decision both under the basic claim, and for the passer. But so the law that will be in a reality, me there is no saying says. Situation ticklish enough, and the Moldavian courts, as they say, are full of surprises.