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Where to have a rest on days off on September, 18th and 19

In Peterhof pictures

On a feast of fountains in Peterhof always will revive thousand people gather. Organizers each time think out absolutely new program. This year in the Bottom park against grandiose scenery of the Big palace Rastrelli`s majestic architecture, the well-known fountains of Peterhof and the advanced artistic touches will harmoniously incorporate.

- By means of projective, light and laser installations, pyrotechnic means we will create scale installation, - organizers have told. - the first part is devoted Year of France in Russia. Spectators will see light ballet « the Bolero with fire » on Morisa Ravel`s music. The big troupe of modern ballet and fiery theatre for the first time will take part in statement « the Alpha - dominoes ». The second part - « Fontaniana » - it will be devoted 305 - j to anniversary from the date of the basis of Peterhof.

In the second part on a facade of the Big palace will appear and picturesque pictures of the past will revive. Spectators will see portraits of regal persons, before them will float the Petrovsky ships and flowers will be dismissed, fire will flare and freakish patterns will blossom. The space will be filled with blinking of thousand candles. Visual images will create on the basis of masterpieces of Russian and world painting, exhibits from the richest museum meeting of Peterhof and modern products.

on September, 18th


the Feast of fountains.

the Beginning: 21. 30.

the Price of tickets: 50 - 100 roubles.

Of water-melons will make the Samson  

the Unusual feast « Indian summer » will pass in Aleksandrovsk park at the underground « Gorki ». These are two days of walks and cheerful competitions.

- Earlier in the beginning of September in Russia field works came to an end, and women started autumn preparations. We have rethought national traditions. And here that from this it has turned out …

competition on shinkovaniju cabbage for the speed and to dances on cabbage « Has turned out; Russian Chelentano » the master - classes on ferment of cabbage, competition of loaders of water-melons (fans and the pro), tournament on sports walking with water-melons on a head, sculpturing of water-melon women, a water-melon bowling alley, an art carving on water-melons, a guessing on water-melon stones and is a lot of that else interesting.

Masters from Nizhni Novgorod will show how to create a picture from mayonnaise and ketchup on unleavened wheat cakes.

- And known head cook Roman Karmazov will give the master - a class on a carving, it is art is sharp vegetables, - organizers have intrigued. - And it will present for the first time the new work - a sculpture « the Samson » from water-melons.

the Culmination becomes a defile « Elegant age » - display of models of clothes for ladies of elegant age and the ending of a city beauty contest and creative abilities « the Berry again ».

18, on September, 19th

Aleksandrovsky park.

Festival « Indian summer ».

the Beginning: 11. 00 (to 19. 00).

the Input free.

Seigniorial will paint a bench

On Saturday at midday at northern facade of the Mihajlovsky lock the project « will begin; a world Bench ». This project as organizers explain, is directed on association of people worldwide. Will unite by means of art and people of art. Young artists from art - therapeutic studio of boarding school 20 and studios of creative development « art - studio the Palette » will paint benches in length of one metre of seventy centimetres and width seventy centimetres. Some more benches will get to Michael Seigniorial, Ekaterina Volkovoj (she is the actress, Edward Limonova`s former wife) and Petersburg artists. Will paint benches on somehow, and on the set subject: « the World as a status. The world as display. The world to you ». A subject not the simple. But for the sake of a noble purpose it is possible and to try.

- And money we will give on treatment of sick children, - organizers have explained. And a part will put simply on children`s playgrounds and in city parks.    

While benches paint, artists and students of University of a name of Herzen and is art - industrial academy will spend the master - classes for townspeople on manufacturing of rag dolls, collages and ceramics.

on September, 18th

the Mihajlovsky lock.

Garden street, 2,   « a world Bench ».

the Beginning: 12. 00.

the Input free.