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On Saturday Muscovites will creep under oaks in Oaklets

On Saturday from 12:00 till the Green Peace invites all interested persons in the Moscow park « Oaklets » to take part in the action « One million acorns ». Stahanovtsy to which will manage to collect the greatest number of acorns, will receive special prizes from Green Peace.

the Action passes with an ulterior motive. In the summer 2010 in the European Russia has burnt down more than one million hectares of woods. Unfortunately, the person cannot accelerate gardening process gorelnikov, but it can make woods steadier against fires in the future. For this purpose to coniferous breeds of trees it is necessary to add shirokolistvennye - a linden, an elm, an ash-tree, a maple and, of course, an oak. Last is most durable, steadiest against a various hardship, and, except that, its acorns provide with food set of the diversified wood inhabitants.

On such useful business as gathering of acorns, it is possible and it is necessary to go with children!
a photo: www. greenpeace. org

Fortunately, in Russia this year an unknown crop of acorns.
the Green Peace will pass a part of the acorns collected during the action in the state wood nurseries, the remained part will land in amateur nurseries, including school nurseries of participants of Movement « we Will revive our wood ».

It is possible to collect seeds independently and to bring them in office Green Peace (if at you it is impossible to bring seeds right after gathering, you can store their any time in a dry and cool place). And from the collected acorns you can grow up own nursery. It is easy for making, if you have a summer residence – under nursery it is enough to allocate a small bed and to land seeds there.

Come one, families, with children. For kids gathering of acorns promises to turn to entertaining game in the open air.    
date and time of carrying out of the action: on September, 18th from 12:00 till, Moscow
the park Address « Oaklets »: m. Timirjazevsky
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