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At Domodedovo will be stoppers

New road we will construct, but a good advice we will help! The ministry of transport of Russia has thought up how to prevent the transport collapse for a long time ripening at « Domodedovo ». We will remind (see «» for August, 26th of this year) The director of the airport « Domodedovo » Vyacheslav Nekrasov has written the post card to the minister of transport Igor Levitinu. Say, to the airport very narrow road, on it conducts wild stoppers, passengers are late for flights, and road Rosavtodor does not expand. Take measures. Has not passed also month as Ministry of Transport has responded. On a department site there was a letter of deputy minister Oleg Belozerov. The road - that, appears, completely not narrow! Its carrying capacity - 70 thousand cars a day. And it is real on it goes all 46 thousand. In « peak » summer days - 61 thousand. Besides the airport incorrectly organizovoval entrance on the territory. Barriers whole 11, but free to drive on a parking it is possible only through three. The transport which has driven through other eight, moves through parking of buses, places of disembarkation and landing of passengers. Within a minute - thanks a barrier - can approach on the airport only two cars. In an hour through all barriers - one thousand. For days - 24 thousand, i.e. there is less than half of all who comes to the airport. In general, explains the deputy minister, movement near « Domodedovo » it is organised incorrectly, from here and stoppers. Belozerov gives advice: it is necessary to divide streams of meeting and seeing off cars in two levels. Near terminal F in « the Sheremetyevo » and have made. The car fetches a barrier, and upward on a platform go seeing off, and at the first level remain meeting.

the Reasons of jams which it is planned to eliminate


- Thanks, of course, for advice. But at us such platform while is not present, - the representative « is perplexed; Domodedovo » Elena Galanova.

And if to start it to build, I will add: movement near the airport becomes even worse...

however, Oleg Belozerov has promised within a month « to develop measures on elimination of difficulties in movement ». Probably, some congresses with Kashirki will be expanded and over/ d moving will put a platform (see the scheme). About such simple measure as road expansion, Oleg Belozerov, unfortunately, has not mentioned.