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The star teleproject has seemed muranchaninu to Victor Burde camp for adults

In a reality - show   « the House - 2 »   here a fifth year live wishing to construct the love. Transfer often accuse that it corrupts youth. Than so this project is good, we have asked our fellow countryman – the sportsman, a handsome man and the student of MGTU Victor Burdu. Running forward we will tell that the young man has stayed on the main telebuilding of the country of all week, nostalgia does not test, star fever as assures, has not picked up, and « discharge » for itself(himself) it has elicited from - for studies in high school and … the girlfriend. And parents of the young man were against its participation. Having returned from capital, it, however, has been shocked by attention squall to itself(himself). Over thousand persons from all country were added to it in friends in social networks, and over two thousand love messages it has received. And all has left without the answer. However, for readers « Victor of interview has given very much willingly.

« I did not dream of the teleproject »

- Of what you thought, when went on this teleproject? – we were converted to the young man.

- it is fair? To look, what people there come. I never dreamt of this teleproject. Last year worked much, studied, and at me time was not to look this show. All left casually. I was discharged from office –   sold cars in a motor show. Has decided to vanish before the beginning of academic year. Has gone to the friend in Peter, 3 days potusili and zasobiralis to Sochi, but for day have decided to call in before that to Moscow – to take a walk, be photographed. With itself shorts, a vest, rubber slippers. With this luggage also have gone to submit capital. Moscow all rolls in posters « Houses - 2 » and invitations to a casting. We, laughter for the sake of, have dared at it.

- And than were interested on a casting?

- to the People was the person 100. All with suitcases, girls nafufyrennye. By the way, the casting is spent in a building « an United Russia ». Get the person on 30 in the separate room reminding a class. On four persons set, and interrogation begins. Interests, to whom you go, what for, offer the statement: « There stars, and you while anybody, what you will do, that yourself to recommend? » when me began to ask, I have started to say lies on the move, composing that all about all I know, but all have quickly guessed that I am false. Therefore, when found out, a leah is to whom what to add, I began to say that the teleproject did not look that I go there to be advertised that I bright and interesting. When me have asked, how much percent I am ready on participation in the project,   has responded that on 80. To me have told that those who wants on all 100 pass only. However, me took. The only thing that day. Interview with the editor-in-chief further has followed. I to it fairly admitted that tickets are bought from me in Sochi, on what he has told, hand over them, we to you will pay all. And, to admit, the word has constrained. Have paid tickets and in a compartment of the car of the raised comfort to Peter that I have gone behind things, has then returned to Moscow and, running forward, from Moscow to Murmansk.

And further from the ship on ball. On Wednesday – a casting, on Saturday – on a set.

After returning from Peter, in Moscow, at station, Victor was waited by the car with the personal driver, it has at first brought to a building where took place a casting, – contract signing there has taken place, in it Victor has designated signatures that has no claims to that its private life becomes public. They also have gone in « the House - 2 ». The place it, by the way, is in 20 kilometres from Moscow.

- Before to come into gate, we with one more guy have stayed the whole hour in podsobke. The chief has approached To us - the editor, has once again asked, who we and what for go on the teleproject. To me he has let know that it is necessary to change my history supposedly that that at me, - uninteresting. « go, - speaks, - to Olga Agibalovoj though you and will be 25 - m its boyfriend ». It is told – it is made. And when her mother began me to say that the family, children is necessary to the daughter, I have not become puzzled, have told that I will be the perfect son-in-law. Have met us indifferently. Olga Buzova, the former participant of the teleproject was the leader. The excellent blonde, all at it in life is good. If it was the participant, I to it would go. But it is most in « the House - 2 » Xenia Sobchak was pleasant to me. Spoke with it on abstract subjects, it very clever and simple in dialogue.

« Neither Palycha, nor at Kadoni do not have higher education »

- You have stayed on telebuilding week. What it, constantly to know, what you - a small fish in an aquarium at which all look? Is   a leah of a television camera in a bathroom? A leah Is forbidden to curtain them, for example, for employment by love?

- Me chambers in any way did not strain, even that pair pieces that were in a toilet. There announcements where in large print it is written, by the way, hang that hands it is impossible to touch chambers. And for employment by love participants get baldahiny. Nou problems! There really watch each step. If the microphone &ndash was unhooked; there and then on a public address system on you there is a manager. Free actually not too it is a lot of time. I, when have got on the teleproject, first of all wanted in trenazherku to descend, I go to myself, and here the manager stops me supposedly go to the people, about you speech. It was necessary to be developed.

Meanwhile in that first teledesign day Victor has already bought the ticket home.

- For what has gone? I whiled away there the holiday, - Victor smiles. – by September, 1st I by all means should return to MGTU. – I did not feed any illusions, in « the House » there live usual people, units from them get to the show world - business. Basically at them education 9 - 11 classes. Neither Palycha, nor at Kadoni do not have higher education. To me this show was indifferent, thought that there all under the scenario. Opening became for me that they really there   live: swear, love. Advertising - yes, is present, at the expense of it they and live. But this only thing that the custom-made. There there is nothing such that would not occur in life. Collect group of people, lock it in one house and you will soon swear and fall in love. At night there all are engaged in the affairs: call native, play gamblings, cinemas look. Victor preferred to be cut in maps on desires.

for the third day has sworn

- And truth, what all there support a healthy way of life and have sharply abandoned to smoke?

- Smoke in specially taken away places where there are no chambers, - Victor laughs. - With it, truth, struggle, entering restrictions. For floor-mats, by the way, there penalties, for fights – expel. The salary goes in 101 day, at everyone – individually, all depends on a rating and from how much you are involved in advertising. On a broader scale, the most important thing there – to be in the centre. It is necessary, that with you it was interesting to the spectator.

As to relations with participants for the third day of the abiding on the teleproject it has sworn with two brand new girls – Eugene and Polinoj. One of them, as he said, constantly chattered, the second swore, as the shoemaker, for what it Victor and has uttered. Reaction has followed immediately - little girls have scattered in its room of a thing. By the way, our hero lived in separate apartments as there was no empty seat in a man`s bedroom. Common language of Vitja   has found with black magician Vlad Kadoni. He quickly has explained to it, with whom it is necessary to be on friendly terms and what to do, to be in a rating.

- What schedule of life of participants?

  - At midday obligatory gymnastics for all. Further all go on building. Participants, truth, build nothing, only are engaged oblagorazhivaniem territories. At this time at leaders occurs tet - and - tet to someone from heroes. If you the single, a release at 24 o`clock. Not earlier. Compensatory holidays, target - all in coordination with leaders and at the big need. Products deliver each 4 days – everything that you want. On the refrigerator the schedule of watches on kitchen hangs: it is necessary to wash ware, to prepare on crowd. Are cleaned, participants erase. The TV is forbidden. However, almost everyone has a laptop.

For work it is possible to be arranged, but it should be connected with public relations « Houses - 2 ». If it is interesting to you to sing hymns « to the House - 2 » to glorify it everywhere - in books, from a scene, - that the project for you. By the way, the house is much less, than looks on the screen. The bridge which flashes in a shot, is only scenery, it anywhere does not conduct.

- Who from participants has especially surprised you?

- There is there a participant Lena, it all name Lena - space. Of it do the little fool, and at the girl, meanwhile, the higher education received in England, in addition she studied in Germany. It from an aristocratic family, she`s fine in life - and in the financial plan, and in moral. But same it is interesting to nobody.

- That never will show in « the House - 2 » and, on the contrary, that the editorial command of show of relations tries to give out for a pure coin?

- Remove 24 hours. Take the high points. Everything that can become scandal, an intrigue, a gossip.

According to Victor, on the project it is necessary to go that who has despaired to find the love in real life. To Victor has carried – still before has left on a visit to the Petersburg friend, he has met the love. The girl does not look at all « the House - 2 ». In Victor`s plans for the future - become leaders of news on one of federal TV channels or to move in show - business. In a word, to be the popular and successful person. Such, as Andrey Malakhov. It for Victor is an example for imitation.

- And with teleprojects you have fastened?

- Never speak « never » - Victor mysteriously smiles.