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“Fifth“ otkrestilsja from Gennady Malakhov

Loss of TV presenter Gennady Malakhov who has not was on shootings of the show “ Malakhov + ” for the First channel, has stirred up television circles. Nobody believed that Gennady Petrovich was ill and has not advised the employer of impossibility to come to the office.

  Yes, however, for TV men of shooting – business sacred, they will come on them even with temperature under forty or with the broken foot. Hearings that Gennady Petrovich dissatisfied with that in a new format of its program &ldquo therefore have there and then spread; have pushed ” professional doctors, simply took a time - a miss for negotiations about transition to other channel. Have there and then remembered that on “ the Fifth ” the producer with which the healer when - that began the show, actually, and made with its telestar works.

“ Here will see, in the near future Gennady Petrovich will appear on the fifth button ” - the former colleagues Malakhov assured us. However on Wednesday it became known that this hearing has appeared only hearing.

the Press - the service of the Fifth channel has officially declared to us:

- It would be desirable to deny the appeared hearings that Gennady Petrovich can pass on “ the Fifth “ the channel. The matter is that target audience “ the Fifth “ the people aspiring to knowledge are. Pseudo-scientific questions, sorcery and other areas of pseudo-national medicine unconditional authority in which is Gennady Petrovich, cannot be interesting to our spectators.  

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