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The Tomsk orchestra is ready to go up to the end

message Copies have been sent also to the first vitse - to governor Sergey Ilinyh, the chairman of Committee on work and social policy to Igor Tchernyshev, the head of Department of culture of the Tomsk region Andrey Kuzichkinu and the head of State Labour Inspection in the Tomsk region to Vyacheslav Skryabin. On Wednesday Sergey Ilinyh and Andrey Kuzichkin have met philharmonic society collective.

Protection of cultural establishment, in infringement of the federal law on mass-media, did not start up our correspondent on this meeting, referring to the order of the director. To pass to it it was possible only after intervention of trade-union committee of a philharmonic society.  

« the Salary for us - not the main thing »

the Desperate letter on a perishing orchestra, monstrous working conditions, unwillingness of the head to penetrate into affairs of collective and beggarly salaries was signed by 39 persons. From them 10 - workers kontsertno - chamber branch, 29 - from actually symphonic orchestra.

  - Us in an orchestra - nearby 60, but the person 10 work in combination. There are still those who on urgent labour contracts. Many sympathise with us, but cannot join, - the actress of a symphonic orchestra, the chairman of trade-union committee of workers of a philharmonic society Elena Stupanenko explains.

  Also there is a letter of Tomsk creative intelligency in support of philharmonic society collective. For it already have undersigned more than 100 persons.

  the Reference in which the actually same problems were listed, has been written and in 2003. Then under it have put the signatures of 7 musicians from the symphonic.

  it will be not out of place to remind and occurred already at Olga Lesinoj`s directorship history 10 - summer prescription when in England our academic orchestra had to play tours in the street.

  Since September the salary kontsertno - chamber department has decreased on 50 %, now it is equal 5000 - 7000. The average salary in a symphonic orchestra - 10000 - 15000. Earnings of musicians of Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, for comparison, reach to 60000 - 90000. Nevertheless members of trade union underline that the salary for a symphonic orchestra - not the main requirement. The main thing - conditions for creativity.

- Any philharmonic society, besides actually director, has also the director of a symphonic orchestra, - Elena Stupanenko explains. - Olga Lesina has informally charged itself with all duties. Conductors to us invite the inexpensive. The orchestra should develop with good conductors. Spectators do not want to go, because at us is uninteresting, programs repeat.

  Separate article - weekly street « festivals ». According to musicians, it is simple mockery.

  - To play in the street out of specially adapted platform it is acoustically impossible. Tools in the open air spoil, and amortisation to us do not pay.

  Nevertheless to leave and change a residence they do not gather.

- Us ask, why we remained in Tomsk. And why in Tomsk there should not be a good symphonic orchestra? The potential at an orchestra is. If there comes the good conductor, for two weeks an orchestra   it is transfigured.

  Before a meeting with Sergey Ilinyh and Andrey Kuzichkinym workers of a symphonic orchestra have confidently declared that are ready for the sake of execution of the requirements of all.

  - We will go up to the end. We will rise flying the flag. We will arrange hunger-strike, picket. We want the head who would contribute in philharmonic society development. And she speaks: « And that to you, musicians: has stepped on the stage, has put on strings a bow and has fallen asleep ».

  « According to the contract and actually »

  Olga Lesina the charges shown by labour collective, denies.

  As she said, amortisation of tools at a rate of 100 - 200 roubles a month was offered musicians, but « under statements of actors instead of amortisation of tools strings, canes » are bought;.

  it does not agree and that has incurred duties of the director of an orchestra.

  - According to the labour contract and actually I am a director of the Tomsk philharmonic society. And never combined a post of the director and, especially, such post in the list of staff at us is not present since 1993. There is a post of the chief manager. The philharmonic society is ready   to consider a nominee offered by an orchestra   on a post of the chief manager of an orchestra.

  As to conductors, the director declares that since October, 15th, 2010 is going to entrust the statement of their nominees to advice of a symphonic orchestra.

  Olga Lesina explains Decrease in salaries to that was on 2,5 million   roubles the grant from the regional budget is lowered. As she said, it has ceased to be paid only 14 % - naja the stimulating extra charge.

  - Since October, 1st the philharmonic society passes to new system of payment, - she has underlined. - transition will give the chance to raise payment at actors from 500 to 1000 roubles.

  the Cold meeting

  the Correspondent « - Tomsk » on a meeting of collective of a philharmonic society with Sergey Ilinyh and Andrey Kuzichkinym protection of a philharmonic society did not start up. The valorous security guard with the aggravated syndrome of the watchman a chest has risen on protection of an office input, without wishing anything to hear about the Law on mass-media and referring to the order of the director. To pass in a huge cold hall it was possible only after trade-union committee intervention. Musicians speak, when Kirkorov comes, here tepleet.  

Andrey Kuzichkin has passed an opinion the opinion of a current situation. He considers that it is necessary to create the new regional independent culture establishment which is not a part of a philharmonic society on the basis of a symphonic orchestra.

  - For execution bolsheformatnyh products the new structure could take BKZ in rent. The department on culture will act as the founder. Will not change anything, only there will be a director. Decisions will be accepted by a new management, - Andrey Aleksandrovich has told. - In Moscow this model successfully functions.

  Besides, the department has declared plans to oblige a philharmonic society to organise some more professional collectives, in particular choral and choreographic. Under the decision of questions Andrey Kuzichkin has suggested to generate working group in which structure, under the preliminary decision, there will be Sergey Ilinyh, Olga Lesina and more six representatives of labour collective.

  the Voiced idea has pleased to collective not. People have demanded to spend voting by show of hands. For new independent establishment have raised a hand 2 persons (both – the authorities offered by representatives participants of working group). Against - 28.

  In end of meeting workers of a philharmonic society have asked for Sergey Ilinyh and Andrey Kuzichkina a time - a miss that in quiet conditions to consider the offer. The request has been satisfied.