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Question of day: the Mafia is immortal?

Marina Dobrovolsky, the deputy of Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region:

- I have visited many countries. In America has visited set of states, a vein on a month and more, removed the program in Colombia. I have understood that the mafia is immortal. Also there is no country, any example in XX and the XXI-st centuries where this phenomenon would be absent as that.

Elena Penzina, the deputy of city council, Krasnoyarsk:

- Always there will be people who heat hands on a crime. A question in, a leah it is possible to eradicate such phenomenon. For example, criminal authorities. Probably, to cope with them it is possible at desire. But here there is other question: a leah it is necessary to someone? Always there is a structure which holds in hand the criminal world and uses it.

Vladimir OVCHINSKY, the adviser of the chairman of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation, eks - the chief of the Russian bureau of the Interpol:

- Mafiosis on pension do not leave. Only on a next world. At us throw out on street the best shots of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and at them if the person has got the status carries it for the rest of the natural. But with a mafia it is possible to struggle rigidly as it does, for example, Berlusconi in Italy.

Gennady of HOOTERS, the deputy the chairman of Committee of the State Duma on security:

- Yes. But are much more dangerous, the official bandit groupings are influential and refined today. In comparison with them the usual organised crime is a small fry.

Alexey LEONOV, the space pilot, twice the Hero of Soviet Union:

- In Singapore and Malaysia, for example, such question at all does not cost. Laws, and conversation with gangsters the short There work! The country is responsible for each person, and the person is responsible for the country.

Andrey KIVINOV, a script writer, the writer:

- it is visible, yes. Even in such advanced country as Japan, the yakuza very quietly adjoins to a state machinery. The mafia cannot exist only in strongly totalitarian state - there it is at the head of it.

July GUSMAN, the director:

- I think, all know the answer to this question. A mafia it is not simple some gangsters. It is difficult organised structure.

Michael DERZHAVIN, the actor:

- This question is better for setting to actor Al Pacino. In America there were still pre-war films about a mafia. It is so much time since then has passed, and the mafia still exists. Villains and thieves will be always.

Andrey TRUSHIN, the chief of investigatory department of the Department of Internal Affairs across Yaroslavl region:

- it is impossible to destroy the Mafia, as she is established as a family, and family bonds are very strong.

Vladimir TRETJAKOV, the chief of the Volgograd academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

- Sooner or later to all the end comes: both mafias, and the mere mortal, and « to authorities ». It has simply put time.

Valentina ISIDA, the prophet, Saratov:

- Grandfather Hasan is almost immortal. He was born in a year of the Bull, in a month when Mars was subordinate to the sun, and it speaks about long life and improbable luck. He will live even more ten years.

Paes, the reader of a site:

- It is immortal. As well as bureaucracy.