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The claim of actors. Explanatory philharmonic societies. Offers.

1 …. The oldest perishes and merited

collective of the Tomsk region - the Tomsk academic symphonic orchestra.

Now it is possible to name it « academic » with the big stretch.

  the Tomsk symphonic orchestra has received a rank « Academic » under the petition of Administration of the Tomsk region, leading actors and executors of Russia in 1997 for the big merits and classical art propagation on representation administratsii the Tomsk philharmonic society. (In this necessity     I   has convinced administration of the Tomsk region and leading actors of Russia of N.A.Petrov, With. And Belzu, etc.) . The quantitative structure of an orchestra never was the main indicator in rank assignment. Initiating   rank reception, a philharmonic society considered it as   one of possibilities to increase to actors a salary - the category of the actor raised, for example, with 14 on 15 and etc.

regular number of collective, accordingly free rates Increased gave the chance   to increase a salary to working actors, by payment of the stimulating extra charge from fund of economy of a salary.


It is possible to refuse this rank, having converted into Ministry of culture. Then   the quantitative structure of an orchestra will make 60 - 70 persons what to allow   considerably to cut down expenses   the budget   the Tomsk region, and it will be possible to direct the money returned by an orchestra to public health services and education, library, a museum and etc.   And it about 2,5 million roubles a year.


2 …. The orchestra structure was reduced is inadmissible. In Tomsk a symphonic orchestra never was the big structure: 1980 - 55 people, 1987. - 60 people, 1988. - 55 people, 1989. - 56 people, 1990 - 55 people, 1991. - 57 people, 1992. - 55 people, 1993. - 51 people, 1995. - 57 people, 1996 - 52 people, 1997 (reception by a rank orchestra) - 57 people, 2007. - 58 people, 2008. - 56., 2009. - 56 people, 2010. - 63 people

did not increase structure to the quantity put under the list of staff to save possibility of payment of the stimulating extra charge   to actors already working in an orchestra. The invited musicians if on this or that program it was necessary the increased structure, were paid from off-budget means.

  3. The list of staff of the Academic symphonic orchestra   assumes at least 90 persons. In our orchestra now   less than 60 persons.

  In the list of staff   structure of an orchestra of 103 persons. Free rates form fund of economy of a salary for an orchestra. From fund of economy of a salary additional stimulating extra charges are paid to actors of an orchestra.

the Salary of actors from 12 to 20 thousand rbl. depending on qualification of the actor.

orchestra Structure though it not so is simple (absence of conservatory, unwillingness graduates of conservatories, institutes of arts of other cities to leave from parents and a native city), it is possible to increase. But if to employ 10, 20, 25 or 30 musicians accordingly there will be a reduction of money resources for payment of the stimulating extra charge to actors working now. It will be in addition necessary to pay habitation the newcomer, and it is a minimum 240.   rbl. a month.

In big cities – Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk from the budget are allocated   considerably great sums (budgetary financing of the Novosibirsk philharmonic society makes about 200 million a year. At them is on what to contain 22 creative collectives, including   to pay a salary to actors of an orchestra from 25 to 50 thousand roubles), any more without speaking about orchestras federal, receiving   grants of the President. But on orchestras of subjects of Federation these grants   do not extend yet.

  4. Using uneasy vital circumstances of some musicians, the director of a philharmonic society of Lesina of the Island of Century Urges them to conclude not labour, and grazhdansko - legal contracts (podrjada, rendering of services), depriving thereby of people of the right established by the law on indemnification during illness and holiday time. Newcomers of musicians - people skilled, with a work long standing – O.V.Lesina employs exclusively for 1 year.

Employment, this agreement of two parties. The employer offers reception conditions, and the worker either agrees, or is not present. This question was checked Federal

by service on work and employment, State Labour Inspection. Infringements are not present (the certificate of check from August, 24th 2010. 22 - 31 - 10).

According to the legislation, with   again accepted actors of a philharmonic society

urgent labour contracts from 1 year to 3 - h years consist. The urgent labour contract very comprehensible form in the concert organisation. On the one hand, this contract disciplines the worker, with another, the employer has possibility of an establishment for validity under the agreement of parties side benefits for workers.

  5. How the person who absolutely not is not understanding values and uniqueness of our trade can, to supervise over a philharmonic society?

  My labour activity in a philharmonic society has begun in 1976. With 1974 on 1976 I worked as the art director, and then the director of a recreation centre of a state district power station - P after the termination Tomsk cultural - educational school. The first speciality – the conductor of amateur choral collective. In 1986 I have ended the Leningrad institute of theatre, music and cinematography. Of N.K.Tcherkasov on a speciality theatre science, with specialisation the organisation, planning and management of theatrical business., qualification &ndash is appropriated; the specialist in drama study - the organizer of theatrical business. The work experience in a philharmonic society 33 years. From the manager to the director. The director - 18 years

6. And arbitrariness, the present arbitrariness, rudeness and humiliation of actors reigns here, up to the use of obscene abuse.  

I Believe that actors confuse my insistence to industrial discipline and the labour schedule to rudeness and arbitrariness. I never followed the tastes of slovens and I am not going to go. I as am exacting to myself, and to people. Besides, impossible from employees I do not demand, and I demand only that is provided by the labour legislation. Given   the phrase if it is directed to my address, is the basis for claim registration in court for the reviling and slander. In turn, I   and (both actors and technical workers) can show a number of employees of a philharmonic society many claims to a number of actors for rudeness and revilings.

Since September, 1st 2010. All requirements and remarks will be reflected in orders under a list.

  7. Here the toolkit for years is not updated, strings, rosin, canes and other necessary things for normal work of musicians do not stand out.

In 2007, 2008 at the expense of means of the budget, allocated philharmonic societies Department on culture have been got   a bass - a clarnet (221. The river), three clarnets (248 t. The river), a bassoon (501 t. The river), cases for tools. In total means from the budget it is spent 1 million roubles. Same year at the expense of off-budget means are got a tuba 100 t. The river and a flute - pikkolo 85 t. The river). The additional sound and light equipment, screens, 3 plasma TVs (100 t was got. The river) And so forth. From off-budget means.

If canes what musicians would play did not stand out? Purchase and delivery of canes, payment to musicians for canes can be checked up under statements duhovikov.

Strings are got     also stand out to musicians, compensating amortisation (statements of musicians are available).

Now with musicians of wooden wind instruments the arrangement on payment of monetary indemnification for canes is reached. Strunnikam will be offered amortisation, or strings are bought. Rosin, butter and etc. stand out. On strings, canes and etc. the philharmonic society should spend about 400 thousand in a year of off-budget means.

  8. Completely there is no plan of work of a philharmonic society for year, including repertuarnyj Is prepared financially - the economic plan on 2010 - 2012 The creative plan of a philharmonic society is made for a concert season separately for a musical lecture hall and an orchestra. During a season there can be updatings   executed products and coming conductors. repertuarnyj the plan was given to actors of an orchestra for a month. The plan is developed and S.Alvaresom in coordination with   affirms; Zelenkinym With. And. The musical lecture hall independently prepares the creative plan for a concert season under the direction of the art director of a lecture hall and give on the statement to the director.

on September, 5th   2010.   to actors of an orchestra it is given repertuarnyj the plan to December 2010. On October, 10th 2010. The plan till May, 2011 will be presented. the Definitive variant of the plan will be confirmed by Alvaresom, Zelenkinym and councillors of an orchestra. The plan can be corrected. The creative plan of a lecture hall should be prepared till September, 25th 2010. The art director of a lecture hall.

  9. From - for absence of systematic distribution of concerts during all season in the summer the orchestra is loaded by inconceivable Quantity exit :6 - 8 in a week.

In connection with inclusion in the state task of an indicator – the quantity of new programs, and also for attraction of public by various programs, an orchestra in a month prepares 4 - 5 new programs. For qualitative from display carrying out not less than 5 - 6 rehearsals is necessary. Therefore exit concerts in a season in coordination with the conductor and kontsertmejstrom an orchestra were considered as the illogical. In   summer months of rehearsal are spent 1 - 2 in a month. Other working hours – concerts. Actually actors of an orchestra   are occupied   on rehearsal or an exit concert no more than 2 - 4 hours.

the Philharmonic society is ready to change the schedule of work of an orchestra. Since October, 1st 2010. Under the new schedule weekly will be it is spent   4 - 5 rehearsals and   1 - 3 concerts.

  10. Only in Tomsk musicians can force to play a considerable quantity of Concerts in the open air in any weather.

the Summer musical festival of the Tomsk Academic symphonic orchestra passes in Tomsk the fifth year. It is one of forms of popularisation of symphonic music in our city.   it enjoys wide popularity at tomichej   also calls envy visitors of our city. Giving thanks to these concerts   the orchestra carries out one of indicators of the state task - quantity of spectators. The orchestra works on Saturdays and Sundays. In the presence of a rain the concert is spent in foyer BKZ. Spectators come to any weather. Considering that in some   Summer days air temperature at 19 o`clock in the evening can reach to 25 - 27 degrees, we suggested to begin a concert in 20. 00 or 21. 00 evenings. Musicians were categorically against. In days of concerts in the street -   ward 45 minutes prior to a concert, a concert 1 hour. Total 1 hour. 45 minutes are made by working hours of the actor.

the Philharmonic society can cancel this festival. Then a considerable quantity   pleasures in summer warm evening will be deprived spectators to listen (free of charge good music. Instead of work at a concert hall actors   should   to do exit concerts. To make   at concert hall steps a covered platform probably, but for this purpose it is necessary about 500 thousand roubles. We are ready to consider this question.

  11. Thus amortisation of own Tools is not paid. Under statements of actors instead of amortisation of tools strings, canes are bought. Amortisation of tools was offered. Amortisation payment - 100 - 200 roubles a month from off-budget means. Amortisation was offered, strunniki have chosen strings.

the Given situation can be considered individually with each musician .

  12. It is necessary to restore system of children`s symphonic subscription concerts. in a concert season 2010 - 2011 the children`s symphonic subscription will be restored. On results of realisation of subscriptions it will be informed in Department on culture on October, 25th 2010. It is entrusted to musical lecture hall to develop not less   4 - 5 subscriptions. Responsible for subscriptions of a lecture hall Art director Poljanin J. G, for subscriptions of a symphonic orchestra - Alvares S, - the conductor, Gabova L.I.Mitjasova And. S - managers.

  13 …. Our city has no interuniversity symphonic subscription. All Siberian philharmonic societies work with universities, and the Tomsk philharmonic society - is not present! At an orchestra,

at kontsertno - the chamber department is not present purposeful work with scientific and creative intelligency.

Symphony concerts are popular at many tomichej, an indicator - at concerts 500 - 600 persons. This year   exit concerts in High schools have renewed. As to kontsertno - chamber department almost at each production meeting of department, here already it is a lot of years me it is recommended administratively - to a creative management of department to work   with universities, technical schools, schools. But they work only at schools and kindergartens. There is a fear that in higher educational institutions   on their creative product there is no demand.

Interuniversity subscriptions in 2010 - will be realised 2011.

14. Practice of the invitation of the Main conductor which works in Tomsk three times in a year on 3 concerts has not justified itself.   Sesar Alvares the professional musician   Also enjoys wide popularity of the Tomsk spectator, especially at youth. Its programs are various and interesting. Under its initiative orchestra tours to Spain and China (foreign tours &ndash are organised; this one of orchestra conditions at employment of the conductor).

There are letters of thanks of musicians for perfectly well spent tours. Terms   abidings of Alvaresa   in Tomsk can be increased.   norm of performances of the main conductor 14 - 16 concerts during a season. Now in many orchestras conductors work under such scheme, and even V.Spivakov not each concert works with the orchestra. Alvares obtains reward pokontsertno from off-budget means, also as well as   other invited conductors.

If the existing scheme of work of conductors does not suit an orchestra - the philharmonic society is ready to accept the conductor whom it will be constant is in Tomsk and to hold all concerts of an orchestra, i.e. nearby 100 in a year. (It is to an orchestra it is offered annually, n about they choose the existing form).   But a salary it agree   the 9 thousand roubles list of staff   there will be no nominee. At such operation mode not so known   the conductor will demand z/ a payment not less   50 thousand a month, and with a name to 100 thousand. And that it not always will be siTo put in Tomsk. (Mentioned conductor Lapinsh I was in Tomsk   in total 3 - 4 months - 14 - 20 programs).

  15. The director of a philharmonic society, it and the director of an orchestra - unless it is possible to combine these two responsible posts qualitatively? According to the labour contract and actually I am a director of the Tomsk philharmonic society. And never combined a post of the director and the more so such post in the list of staff at us is not present with 1993. There is a post of the chief manager which duties include the organisation of work of an orchestra.

the Post of the director – it is a post at education of the legal person. and an orchestra, philharmonic society division. the Philharmonic society is ready   to consider offered by an orchestra   on a post of the chief manager of an orchestra a nominee.

  16. … Does not take on tour half of and without that small collective, and types on all cities of Siberia and even Ural Mountains and etc. To selection of musicians I have no and never had any relation. The orchestra structure on foreign tours is defined by the conductor and the leader of an orchestra.

the best musicians Steal up. Claims to quality of the offered structure from organizers of tours was not. On tour the Tomsk academic symphonic orchestra, a brand of the Tomsk region, and whence in it musicians leaves, organizers does not interest. We under the contract should give them highly professional collective.

the Philharmonic society is ready to refuse foreign tours of an orchestra, especially expenses make of off-budget means for tours more than 700 thousand rbl. (one road).

  17. One of the best collectives of Siberia there is no time, the orchestra comes to a decadent stage. Art Advice is without assigning any reasons abolished.

According to the order from 22. 06. 2009 in a philharmonic society the body of college management   is created; the Tomsk academic symphonic orchestra - Advice of the Tomsk academic symphonic orchestra, are defined   nominees. Position is developed. Also position about Advice kontsertno - chamber department is developed. Advice - advisory bodies. The director does not influence their work.

on October, 15th the order of the director will restore work of Advice .

  18. The director invites to work in an orchestra of frankly weak conductors, which « study as us ».

Process of selection of conductors for a concert season very difficult and labour-consuming. The important factor – presence of means. To us offer services both the Russian and foreign conductors. Their nominees are discussed by Alvaresom and Zelenkinym. Selection is made under the presented resume. Only after the statement I carry on with them financial negotiations. On conductors the philharmonic society makes all expenses from off-budget means. Soloists also are paid from off-budget means.

Since October, 15th, 2010 of a nominee of conductors and soloists will confirm Advice of a symphonic orchestra  

19. Who defines repertoire, it is not known, it is obvious - Olga Viktorovnoj.

the Repertoire is offered by conductors, co-ordinate S.Alvares and S.A.Zelenkin`s repertoire. Since October, 15th, 2010 the repertoire will confirm Advice of a symphonic orchestra

20. In an orchestra the local talented youth is not involved.

Annually I am converted into management of Tomsk musical school about a direction to us of graduates But after the school termination the talented youth leaves to arrive in conservatory, and after their termination remain in a city where studied as in study work in orchestras of these cities, or leave to Moscow, St.-Petersburg and etc. Annually the philharmonic society directs inquiries to musical educational institutions, but the answer is not present.

  21. The last half a year is observed systematic reduction of wages.

This point in question is checked up by federal service on work and employment. Infringements are not present. 14 % of the stimulating extra charge are not paid with 01. 01. 2010 because the grant from the regional budget on 2 445   has been lowered; 000 rbl. the Message on impossibility of payment of the stimulating extra charge at a rate of 14 % it is finished to workers in February, 2010 as we still hoped that money will return to us. Under the certificate of check nonpayment of the stimulating extra charge at a rate of 14 % is not infringement.

Since October, 01st, 2010 the philharmonic society passes payment to new system. Transition will give the chance to raise payment at actors from 500 to 1000 roubles.

  22. The temperature mode on scene BKZ is not observed.

In 2009 - 2010 during strong frosts only one or two times was the lowered temperature. The orchestra has been released from rehearsal. The technical service uses the best efforts for maintenance of an admissible temperature mode agrees SANPINA.

All years of the existence, an orchestra worked in organnom to a hall and only in its 1994 have translated   in BKZ. Conditions of musicians on temperature on scene BKZ   19 - 21 degree we will not execute never, from - for specificity of the device of a scene (height, depth   auditorium volume).

August - September, 2010 the technical service of a philharmonic society prepares philharmonic society buildings for winter. The order on maintenance of constant temperature of air in buildings not less than 19 0 S

Also will be issued suggested to work in organnom to a hall, to equip for rehearsals a chamber hall, to rent Avant-guard or other (warm) premise.

  23. At actors of the Tomsk philharmonic society   there is no period of restoration of the professional form after holiday, so-called individual employment.

At actors concept – individual employment – it not appearance at work. The regenerative period   after holiday legislatively it is not established.

  24. Of what the salary &ndash consists; distinctly to you anybody will not tell.

to All workers settlement leaves stand out.

  25. As stimulating extra charges, awards and other components of a salary

Stimulating extra charges are distributed established on the basis of representations of heads of divisions

26. In a philharmonic society there are no local statutory acts

  This point in question is checked up   Federal Agency of work and employment. Infringements are not present

  27. More often actors kontsertno - chamber department should reach a concert venue independently, public transport. Thus the director of a philharmonic society does not compensate them these expenses.

Actors kontsertno - chamber department in day of a concert extremely seldom come to a philharmonic society building, and go on a concert from the house. Journey payment for work and from work in the labour contract with actors and in the labour legislation is not provided. However, at production meetings kontsertno - chamber department   I repeatedly offered payment of journey in the presence of the travel paper. This question concerns only lektorijnyh groups. To ensemble   « the Siberian patterns » and to a symphonic orchestra transport is always allocated.

  28. They sew the concert suits or get.

the Philharmonic society repeatedly offered   to carry out purchase of suits in limits

costs 1000 - 1500 roubles, but   it did not suit actors.

the Philharmonic society is ready to pay amortisation for suits agrees existing position.

  29. Indifferent, thoughtless, concentrated exclusively on reception have arrived the elementary methods, forgotten mission a management in a status definitively to ruin our creative   collectives.

Mission of the head of a philharmonic society – To carry out industrial indicators, including, as much as possible to earn off-budget means for realisation of creative activity of collectives and the maintenance imushchestv, on which and in which these collectives work.

Only the philharmonic society spends for the maintenance and realisation of creative activity of a symphonic orchestra in a year of off-budget means about 2,5 million roubles.