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The fire has flashed in two villages of Altay territory

As it became known, forest fires blaze in one area of Altay territory. This time firemen try to rescue from fire village Kornilovo of Kamensk area with the population more than 1000 persons.

Meanwhile fires continue to blaze and in Mihajlovsky area. Our correspondent Lydia Aristarhova informs from a tragedy place:

- In district Mihajlovsky the smoke is not present, however, as well as a smell of burning. On village fire-engines drive about: obviously, watch is established. And here, as local residents speak, the village Nikolaevka is surrounded, and there start up nobody. People evacuated and have placed in district - at school, in recreation centre.   the local resident has informed: the pier, heard,   there is a victim, a person 7 - 10. However the official information in this respect while is not present.

In district recreation centre Mihajlovsky 30 persons, the majority of village Bastan are now placed nearby. It settles down in 6 km from village Nikolaevka.   now fire rages and in Bastane. Eyewitnesses speak, what not   all evacuated from Nikolaevka: people simply refuse to leave, even if on a place of the house the ashes. At people now simply shock, with them physicians and psychologists work. We managed to communicate to the suffered inhabitant of village Bastan Antoninoj Vasinoj.

- My house has burnt down completely, it wooden was, has flashed instantly and absolutely unexpectedly. We saw that wood burnt. The acquaintance has told, there the glade burns. I have seen a black smoke, have rushed in the house, and at neighbours already the fence has lighted up. I in the house have run, two dublenki have seized, and only have had time to run off, as my house has flashed, directly at me in the face of. Also has burnt down instantly. In the house all that was, all has burnt down.   a grief what! Winter is at hand, and we without habitation, without documents, without clothes. Anybody yet does not explain anything while to us.

we Will remind that forest fire has passed to territory of Mihajlovsky area of Altay territory from - for a strong wind with impulses to 28 -/ second It the shooting made of space has shown 30 m.

- Besides village Nikolaevka, fire has approached close to village not Water and to settlement Irkutsk, but they managed to firemen to be defended, - have told in the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Mihajlovsky area. - in village Bastan   the situation is much worse: there houses on the brink on the brink of settlement already burn. The fire area in territory of Mihajlovsky area roughly makes 130 hectares.

In points of time placing (in pioneer camp of J.Gagarin, correctional school of district Mihajlovsky, labour camp of village of the Semipole) psychologists of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Altay territory work. There groups of psychologists of Novosibirsk and Kemerovo are directed, from Moscow the group of psychologists as a part of 8 persons takes off.

- Early in the morning on September, 9th around fires the grouping of aircraft of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia will start to work. From Krasnoyarsk for Altay territory have taken off plane Be - 200, two helicopters Mi - 8 and two helicopters Mi - 26 Ministries of Emergency Measures of Russia, - have told in the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation. - from airdrome situated near Moscow Ramensky the plane Silt - 76 has taken off, one more plane Silt - 76 prepares for a departure.

Now 320 persons and 92 units of technics are involved in liquidation of a fire around village Nikolaevka. From the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation - 150 persons   50 units of technics and 7 aircrafts. However to their work stirs a strong wind which quickly throws fire.

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