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« ISMOS » will protect from thefts and fires

the Modern world it is full of dangers and threats. And at times for the person are not so terrible   technogenic accidents and natural cataclysms. Much more dangerously the notorious human factor. And when every possible swindlers continually attempt upon your good, will - bondage it is necessary to search for protection frames from dishonest ljuda.  

For a long time have passed those times when was considered that than the lock is more - that it is more reliable. When - that to save property the pig-iron bolt helped also. However skill of thieves and predators raises so as if they study in special academies. So it is necessary to reject any pressure of thieves, thinking out all new and new protection frames.

Modern systems of protection are so technological what to keep up with them difficultly even to the most smart villains. Every possible alarm systems - wire and radio channel. Digital and analogue video observation, monitoring systems of access, a barrier, steel curtains and even smoke screens seriously complicate life to predators of all colours. To establish all these heaped up systems of supervision and protection Joint-Stock Company firm « can; ISMOS ». Using the advanced and thought over equipment, this company can protect property and businessmen, and simple citizens not only from swindlers, but also from   every possible household problems. Complex installation of objects instal iron confidence of protection and reliable protection of your house or the enterprise.

Modern technologies allow to supervise and prevent any possible misfortunes: to scare away predators and gangsters video observation and the security alarm system, on-door speakerphones and turnstiles help. From leak of water and gas you will be saved by the control systems established by firm « ISMOS ». And it not to mention the fire-prevention alarm system. The firm will not simply bring, will mount and will establish modern complex systems of protection and supervision. First of all, she will present to you confidence of full protection. Well and when you will cease to be anxious for yourselves and the property, can relax and, say, to look at satellite television. By the way, it to you too will establish and the company « will adjust; ISMOS ».

If you, of course, call by phones:

(8652 26 - 36 - 86, 41 - 67 - 89,

or be converted to the address:

Stavropol, R.Ljuksemburg`s street, 29.