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Kemerovchanin has arranged shooting in apartment desjatietazhki

Incident has occurred on Saturday, in the morning, in one of desjatietazhek on FPK. 42 - the summer assistant to the general director of enough large company which are engaged in buying up of metal, has woken up in the morning with a sick head. Still! So much to drink! opohmelivshis, was going to go on affairs. But it has appeared that it under house arrest. Wives of the house are not present and, on - visible, it has taken away all keys with herself. That the beloved has made it specially, the man did not doubt seconds. Having grown furious, it has seized the first weapon of which in apartment was much, and allow to shoot on the lock. And so has raked three doors: entrance iron and two pocket. And one of bullets also has at all reached a door of apartment which was opposite, through a ladder platform.

Neighbours, having heard the first shots, have there and then called militia.

All door has appeared riddled.
a photo: the Press - services of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kemerovo

- To us has arrived a signal that at an entrance shooting is conducted. Having arrived into place, we have found out that on the second floor the door is made a hole, - has told « the chief a press - services of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kemerovo Andrey Altman. - this apartment is on the second floor. Police officers have got through a peak on a balcony, have disarmed the man and have put on it handcuffs.

Behind doors already there were investigators, the experts understood. Field investigators have moved to open it a door. By that moment militiamen have already found the wife, and that has brought keys. But the lock did not work: bullets have carried it at all. It was necessary to call also emcheesnikov. In 10 minutes the investigation team has come into apartment and physicians. One of bullets a ricochet has got to an arrow to an anklebone.

- the question on criminal case excitation under article « is now solved; Hooliganism » - Andrey Altman has commented. - all weapon, and is a carbine « the Wild boar 308 » a carbine « ZKM » a fowling piece « IZH - 43 » and a fowling piece « Browning Gold » from the man have withdrawn. On all these arms the owner had a permission.

It is remarkable that kemerovchanin already has a previous conviction under articles « the Beating » and « Threat by murder or causing of heavy harm to health ».