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The Kuzbass high schools have appeared in the end of the Russian rating

Data, with what level of knowledge entrants arrived now in different Russian high schools, collected in Moscow, at the economy higher school. The large higher educational institutions which have accepted on budgetary places not less of 200 persons However, joined in this rating only.

Its composers have collected the information placed on official sites of the state high schools. Have by results allocated three « zones »: green - it included high schools and directions where the mean score of entrants typed at delivery of Unified State Examination, makes not more low 70, neutral - from 55 to 70 points and red - more low 55.

Any of the Kuzbass high schools, unfortunately, to a green zone has not held on. They trudge at the very end of this list, without having got even to one hundred best.

among our higher educational institutions entrants of the Kemerovo state medical academy have shown the Best result. KemGMA has occupied 113 - e a place in a rating.

- this year we had very big competition, - have explained « » in the Kemerovo state medical academy. - we accordingly enlisted entrants with the highest points, there was a possibility to choose.

KemGU has got already to third hundred in a rating and occupies 241 - e a place.

KuzGTU has appeared on 374 - m a place already in a red part where high schools with the lowest mean score on Unified State Examination are collected. It and is not surprising, this year at « Polytechnic University » free budgetary places remained even after the second wave of transfer. And experts observe such tendency not only at us, and practically in all technical colleges of the country.

Afterwards for « Polytechnic University » on 375 - m a place - the Kuzbass state pedagogical academy in Novokuznetsk.

KemTIPP in spite of the fact that was in demand and has typed almost all entrants in the first wave, it has appeared on 451 - m a place.

It is not surprising that we have appeared in the end, - the pro-rector on study KemTiPpa Anatoly Popov has commented. - humanitarian universities and medical academies have got to a list head basically. Technical specialities are not popular now, entrants continue to go on economic and faculties of law. Especially as a whole the chemistry and physics were handed over by few graduates, and the majority of them have gone in KemGMA.

affairs and in the Siberian state industrial university Not is better are - the high school has got only on 422 - e a place.

What place was occupied with our educational institutions? *

A place in a rating the high school Name a Unified State Examination Mean score on high school the Minimum point of Unified State Examination in high school It is enlisted students on the budget
113 the Kemerovo state medical academy 67,7 50,9 318
241 the Kemerovo state university 60,3 48,3 748
374 the Kuzbass state technical university 55 45,5 1037
375 the Kuzbass state pedagogical academy in Novokuznetsk 55 40,9 530
422 the Siberian state industrial university 51,9 42,1 776
451 the Kemerovo institute of technology of the food-processing industry 50,2 31 379

* the data for September, 20th, 2010, the complete list of high schools of the country can look on a site http:// www. rian. ru/ ratings_multimedia/ 20100902/ 271380235. html? id=271603797