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For smoking on mines now dismiss

Smoking on mines of the Kemerovo region now so severe fault that courts do not stand up for miners even. Acknowledgement to it the history which has happened recently with the drifter of mine « Kotinsky ». The man after the change termination has lighted in vahtovke, standing in 11 metres from a trunk mouth, and has been dismissed for infringement of the instruction on a labour safety.

the Miner has disagreed with the heads and has tried to challenge in court the decision on dismissal. But also Leninsk - Kuznetsk city court, and one of these days and Kemerovo regional have supported the employer. Too dangerous place was chosen for smoking by the drifter - even the slightest spark any minute can lead to flash and explosion. And as consequence, to human victims.

It, by the way, not the first precedent in Kuzbas. As have told in a mine staff department « Berezovsky » the similar case was in the end of the last year and at this coal enterprise. Only then the worker did not begin to protest the similar decision.

- At all of us employees are acquainted under a list with position about an interdiction for smoking, - the deputy director of mine « has told; Berezovsky » on industrial inspection Alexey Suhih. - miners know that if them will catch with the lighted cigarette in mine territory it are threatened with dismissal. Even if someone irresponsible also smokes far away from heads eyes with them other miners who worry about the life work. And such position operates on mines of all coal company « Northern Kuzbas ». For quite some time now all personnel without fail passes daily checks on an alcohol intoxication. Alkotestery stand in lamp, and each miner passes check directly at reception of the self-rescuer.

As it was possible to find out, on this mine four persons have been already dismissed for a finding on work in a state of intoxication. Among them there was also one chief of a site.

At the coal-mining enterprises of the company « JUzhkuzbassugol » after failure on mine « Raspadsky » too densely undertook smokers. We will remind, in mass-media there passed the information that matches have been found out in victims in Mezhdurechensk miners and a lighter, as could serve as a cause of the explosion. Therefore now, that miners of this company did not have a temptation to be tightened, before descent in mine from them withdraw all matches and cigarettes.

- Surveys are spent in special places at a trunk of mine or at a mouth of other mountain development, - Elena Kazantsev has told the representative of the company. - on request of controllers the worker is obliged to show contents of all pockets of overalls, and also bags and packages which he takes with itself(himself) in a face. Infringers who will find out smokers in mountain developments or in other places where the emergency can be created, are subject to dismissal.

By the way, to miners who have left work from - for safety precautions infringements, now it is necessary to search for other work. Even if from mine it has left on « to own desire ».

According to Alexey Suhih, the security service grades that has served as the reason of dismissal of the person. Brings it, so to say, in « the black list » to which all coal enterprises of Kuzbas can receive access. And when dismissed subsequently it will try to be arranged on other mine, the security service of that enterprise will wrap its nominee.