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In day of attempt at Grandfather Hasana the militia has covered a meeting of thieves in the law, dividing Moscow

Thieves in the law have met in a cosy karaoke - a bar that on Bagrationovsky journey. As has told « a source in a consequence, on the agenda authorities had millions dollars « obshchaka » which Aslan Usojan (it Grandfather Hasan) has enclosed in building of capital real estate.

The weapon from which shot at Grandfather Hasana

Having learnt about attempt at Grandfather Hasana, police officers almost have there and then detained 24 participants of a meeting. Among arrested persons there were natives of Georgia and Abkhazia Mamuku Mikeladze, Gelu and Gizo Kardava, representatives solntsevskoj and kuntsevskoj criminal groupings Yury Yesin on a nickname the Dump-body truck and Nikolay Botinkin on a nickname of Boots, and also the Moldavian thief in the law Grigory Karamalaka on a nickname of Bulgarians. From Aslan Usojana`s clan on a meeting nobody pristutstvoval.


All this company have detained in 20. 45 - almost at once after attempt at Grandfather Hasana. It is not known Yet, a leah militiamen going to act have given or not, after all thus it was possible to define, to whom on a hand the death « could play; grandfathers ».

it is possible, for this purpose right after law enforcement officers have informed attempts at Aslan Usojana in mass media that Grandfather Hasan has died.

Meanwhile, employees operatively - search bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia almost have released at once all arrested persons. All arrested persons to fighters operatively - search bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia should be released. Documents at them have appeared as it should be, neither the weapon, nor drugs at them has not appeared.

the crime Scheme - by Red mugs are led round a place where have found wounded men and a window from which could fire. A grey arrow - a shot trajectory
the Photo: Sergey SHAKHIDJANYAN

we Will remind, in the evening on September, 16th in the centre of the Russian capital there was an attempt on so-called the thief in the law Aslan Usojana more known as Grandfather Hasan . (More in detail)

Aslan Usojan: « I the pensioner, live on pension »

the Independent reporter Maxim Gladky - unique who managed to interview at ominous Grandfather Hasana which name the godfather of the criminal world. Maxim has given the which still anywhere have been not published by interview « Conversation occurred one year ago when in the criminal world the new coil of war has begun. Grandfather Hasan then has returned to Russia from - for borders - according to some information to act as the arbitration judge in fight of clans. But mission is not has gone right. Japonchik has soon been killed, then a series of death « has followed; authorities » a rank it is less. And now here the bullet has overtaken also most « the peacemaker »... But then Usojan tried to pretend that is not connected in any way with a crime.      

- Aslan Rashidovich, what occurs today in the thieves` world?

- I am far from it already. We peace people, disturb to nobody. We want, that there was a world that there was no lawlessness. We live easy.

More in detail interview read here.