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The bus with fans Voronezh " has broken; the Torch : details, stories of victims

Sabbatical day for fans « the Torch » from the very beginning developed unsuccessfully. At first « GAZelku » on which the group of fans has left in the Eagle on a match with local « Rusichami » tormoznuli GAI officers, and voronezhtsy were in time only on the second time. Then the favorite team once again has not pleased with victory, by miracle having avoided defeat - 2:2. And about midnight, when fans came back home, they were waited by one more misfortune. In Izmalkovsky area of the Lipetsk region towards « GAZELLES » the truck of Volvo with the Lithuanian numbers has jumped out. According to preliminary data, the driver of a waggon has gone on passing, the trailer has brought, and it has hit about a minibus.

- Blow, has gone out light, glasses fell down... All has occurred suddenly, we even had time to understand nothing, - remembers one of the football fans going in ill-starred « GAZELLES ». - I have not fallen, could be kept on a place. Has looked back - it is visible nobody. Then has started to do muster and to check, a leah all are live. People began to respond. The majority have got off with bruises and scratches. However, the driver has come to the senses not at once, it has broken a foot. And our Ivan Petrovich Zubarev, the fan almost with the semicentenial experience, was without consciousness.

Fans have called « Fast » also have tried to get out. The door has appeared is blocked: after blow the minibus has rested right side against a road protection.

- Probably, it also has rescued us, - the fan continues. - we got out through the broken windows, helping each other. The car, of course, was in a terrible status: all left soft-boiled side. It not to restore any more...

When fans have got out on street, they have seen the originator of failure not at once. The darkness pitch, pours a rain...

- Only then, having peered at darkness, we have made out in the distance at a roadside on the opposite side a waggon at which blinked « an emergency signal » - passengers ill-fated « tell; GAZELLES ». - it also has lined us.

As it was found out, the driver of Volvo has given on gases and wanted to run away. But not here - that was: at collision at it the wheel has burst, and it could drive hardly more kilometre. There he was met also by GAI officers.

Wounded fans have sent in hospital. Besides the driver « GAZELLES » has seriously suffered 61 - summer Ivan Zubarev: at it cranial - a brain trauma. At the moment of signing of number he has not recovered consciousness. Yesterday the wife and friends - fans have transported it to Voronezh in « Electronics ».

- Ivan Petrovich - our senior companion, the trainer, it is possible to tell, - members the fan - club respond about it. - this year it has not passed any exit game. It already on pensions, and before all life has worked at factory « Sintezkauchuk ». For « the Torch » is ill with 64 - go year, constantly tells youth what was football in 60 - 70 - h years. So it is interesting to listen to it! Through it any communication of generations is carried out. All of us wish Ivan Petrovichu the prompt recover!

- the Driver of Volvo have detained, both cars now on shtrafstojanke, - have informed in Izmalkovsky traffic police. - there is a consequence, we wait for the expert from Lipetsk which can define the originator of failure.

Konstantin Sarsanija.


Konstantin SARSANIJA, the head coach « the Torch »:

- News about failure of a minibus with the Voronezh fans has responded a pain in our hearts. The club management, a trainer`s staff and football players regret for the happened. Can not doubt that the club will give all-round support and will make for victims all necessary. The Voronezh fans provide « to the Torch » the necessary support on football, now our debt - to support the fans in difficult for them minutes of life.