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In Tsarskoje Selo have revived musical salons

In one of week-days in Ekaterina`s park was nemnogoljudno. But along toward evening the park has quickened. Fifty veterans have arrived on a concert which have organised for them the Savings Bank, Conservatory and a museum « Tsarskoje Selo ». More precisely, it there was not simply a concert, and present « Musical salon » last from a series of evenings in honour of 65 - letija Victories.

High art has appeared nearby, it is literally no distance - within the precincts of the restored pavilion « the Vesper hall ».

- This pavilion long did not restore, - admitted the director of a museum « Tsarskoje Selo » Olga Taratynova. - To 300 - letiju Tsarskoje Selo we have received a great sum on repair. But, know, money does not happen much. « a vesper hall » our long-term partner has helped to restore the Savings Bank. The pavilion has begun to sparkle at once all sides. It was very much fallen in love with visitors.

Historically this hall was used in a XIX-th century for private small concerts. Probably, therefore chairman Severo - the Western bank of the Savings Bank Alexander Govorunov also has suggested to organise after restoration in this hall also musicales for veterans.  

- Desire to help - normal feeling of any sound person, - has explained « » Chatterers. - I and itself come from Petersburg. And my family blockade has mentioned This project we consider as the most significant. Especially in a year 65 - letija Victories. We also spend these evenings for veterans who and have gained this victory.  

Besides « Vesper pavilion » Chatterers has examined also pretty, as a toy, well-known « the Creaking arbour » (it « the Chinese arbour ») . It have repaired also with Savings Bank support.

Many veterans have arrived from Petersburg. But were in a hall and local residents. Performance young, but singers Lyudmila Shkirtil, Denis Kolesnikov, Vyacheslav Lesika already known among music fans and Hope the Driver was conceived with especial feeling. Not all pensioners presume to descend to themselves in Mariinsky or Mihajlovsky theatre. And here practically « art on the house ».

Under songs of military years and from popular films veterans have not shed a few tears nearly: under these melodies has passed their youth. Well and after a concert of veterans have invited to a banquet.


Pushkin Lyudmila`s Townswoman the POPLAVSKY:

- Pushkin is my native land. The grandmother here drove me since the childhood, - Lyudmila Georgievna has told. - I as the fates decree had to live here six months in occupied territory. On my eyes Germans plundered, ruined, destroyed all around. I small was, only nine years. Well I remember, how Germans pulled out from a palace furniture, its axe tjap - tjap, and in a mobile kitchen. Even to me, the child, was not on itself. When in 1945 we went on park, towards there was an Ekaterina`s palace, as a terrible dragon with black eye-sockets. Low prostration to all who took part in Pushkin`s restoration. And especially thanks for this « the Vesper hall ». Thanks that do not feel sorry money for such treasure.  

the Pavilion is especially expensive Poplavsky. In 1950 - h years in it have opened a dance hall. And all Pushkin youth was going to dance in the evenings. In gentlemen of a lack was not - nearby five military colleges. And the hall was simply a box painted by an oil paint. And now so it is beautiful.