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Distances to purchases not a hindrance


Electronic purses have started to type popularity ever since, as show-windows of shops of a steel « to get over » in the Network. However, to get something through the Internet it was possible and by means of a credit bank card. But thus the owner of a credit card subjected itself to risk to face swindlers: in a network there is a weight of roguish sites, whose purpose -   Interception of bank details. And here occurrence of ecash has solved this problem. Because their main difference from non-cash money that paying off them,   it is not obligatory to designate the requisites – there is enough   to know requisites only the payee.

Ecash is converted by means of electronic purses – special payment systems. Through the Internet this money can be shifted instantly from one purse in another; and also,   having come into system, to cash available sum.

the payment systems Most known in a Runet are   WebMoney and Yandex. Money, and also QIWI the Purse, RBK   Money, the Uniform Purse, PayPal and others.

to get an electronic purse, it is necessary to put in it any sum simply. Earlier, as a rule, to put money on   the bill, it was necessary to reach to   the terminal, a cash dispense or a booth where down payment maps are on sale. Now payment process has become simpler. For example, Yandex. Money became completely on-line and accessible to all who has a bank card. The matter is that thanks to the new technology realised by Alpha bank, clients of any bank   can instantly fill up an electronic purse Yandex. Money. The same possibilities are opened and before users of system WebMoney.

to adhere the bank card to an electronic purse, it is enough to register once of it through a cash dispense in   Alpha bank branch. Then, using an electronic purse, to enter map requisites not   it is necessary - to use enough disposable SMS - the password. And if you also the client of Alpha bank and to a cash dispense it is not necessary to go – all operations can be made through the Internet - bank « the Alpha - Cliques ».

Popularity of electronic payment systems constantly grows, and consequently Alpha bank     Expands for the clients a spectrum of possibilities.   for example, now each user the Internet - bank « the Alpha - Cliques » without any commissions can transfer money from the bank account and in   QIWI the Purse. Apparently, cooperation of bank and electronic payment systems will develop and further as similar services enjoy wide popularity at « online of buyers ».