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Igor Buzovsky: the Half-million of children in BRSM is. Our problem - them to interest

About the youth policy and its ninety-year traditions - our conversation with the first secretary of the Belarus republican union of youth Igor Buzovsky.

- Igor Ivanovich, which traditions of Komsomol were adopted by your organisation?

- First of all, sistemnost works which covers all interests of the youth, all lines of activity. For example, BRSM as when - that the Komsomol, takes part in volonterskom movement: everything that is connected with philanthropy, the help to veterans, invalids, united in our movement « Kind Heart ». On Komsomol there was an organisation and is sports - dosugovoj youth activity - tourist`s meetings and international camp - now our work. That is important, we heirs of traditions studotrjadovskogo movements. In the near future we plan to leave for Presidential Administration with the request for acceptance of the standard document which would release the enterprises, helping to employ strojotrjady, from pension deductions (it more than 30 percent) from salaries strojotrjadovtsev. If our offer is supported, attraction strojotrjadov will be favourable to employers.

the Considerable part of our activity are patriotic actions. The youth can declare the civic stand, joining in significant projects for the state and the program.

- on September, 25th there will be your forum, which one name - « Make the choice » - already associates with presidential elections.

- Logical association. One of components of our participation in elections is an informing of youth that the state does for it. And the presentation of projects BRSM at a forum is an offer to make a choice in favour of the state youth policy and including in favour of the person who defines this youth policy.

Vitebsk regional organisation BRSM will present at a youth forum « MAKE the CHOICE » the agricultural project « the Lord of village ».
the Photo: brsm. by.

- In the former Komsomol there was a big layer of the inert people. A leah seems to you that in BRSM now the same. All entered - and I have entered.

- I Consider, chtosegodnja BRSM is a part of the state educational system which allows to form the citizen, the patriot, the person not indifferent to the destiny, destiny of the country. There was at me an interesting conversation with one of ecclesiastics. We argued on how much it is correct that some children enter in BRSM for the company, not osoznanno. The priest has noted: to do the big affairs, the big organisation is necessary, you should be a half-million. But it is important, that young men wanted to remain, further to take part in organisation work. Comparing with the activity, he has noticed that the congregation should be resulted, and then it should be kept. Also it is our primary goal. The half-million of children in BRSM is. Our problem - them to interest. Also it is not necessary to hesitate of that participation in BRSM is favourable. Yes, we want and we will realise projects and programs, to spend the work useful and attractive to allied youth.  

- In the forum how much will manage?

- the Overwhelming part of works does not demand financial expenses. The hall in rent gives to us gratuitously, bajki, cars are the help of people with which we work. The sound equipment will be given by the primary organisations of our high schools.

- the Ideological plan there will be actions?

- there Will be a voting for the best platform, there will be bulletins, an urn - those attributes which remind of forthcoming elections. Yes, this ideological action taking into account demonstration of projects of programs which are realised today for youth of our country with support of the state and directly head of the state. But direct propagation will not be.


the Forum « Make the choice » will pass on September, 25th in the Football arena

Will begin with journey of a column of retromobiles and bajkov from National library to an arena. Within the limits of a forum: competition « Graffiti » a retrotechnics exhibition, bajk - show, the competition ending « the Queen spring » the championship on a break - dansu the best teams of Belarus 8 h 8, a concert with participation of the Belarus stars, photocompetition « Become person BRSM » and etc. - From reminders on continuity - installation « the Office of the secretary of a district committee » where it is possible to be photographed in a suit of members of the Komsomol 20 - h years, and an information platform about activity BRSM.