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While I snatched out the girl from a mouth of wolves, appear, have passed eternity

is it was simply awful! The flight of wolves dead fight has seized the girl and gnawed its small handle. At first the babe cried, and then from shock and a pain has become silent, - tells « » minchanin Evgenie Ahrem who cannot come till now in itself after the happened.

Evgenie together with a family had a rest in Odessa and in one of days has decided to show to a daughter a zoo. While Evgenie stood near a cage with a bear, someone loudly began call to the aid.

- I have jerked at once to an open-air cage with wolves. From the seen has lost a speech power - predators pulled to themselves in a cage the little girl. I have seized any wooden brusok, have started to beat wolves on a head, but they did not release the babe. Then one of them has seized to it hair and has broken a skin from a head. Here my wife to the aid has come running, beat beasts a bag, - Evgenie continues to tell. - For me was so painfully that I cannot pull out the girl from a mouth of wolves. Each minute seemed eternity. Fortunately, two more men to the aid have come running. Only then we could beat off the babe.

Evgenie cannot come to the senses till now after the happened.
a photo: Sergey GAPON.

It has appeared that the girl has arrived to the Odessa zoo from Moscow. While her mother distracted on the younger child, the daughter has run up to an open-air cage with wolves. The cage corner has appeared not fenced, and the babe has pushed the handle to feed predators.

  - Unless it is normal, what in a zoo the child is exposed to such danger? To cages of animals there should be no access at all! Especially some years ago in the same zoo the bear has torn off a hand to the visitor, - Evgenie is indignant. - unfortunately, I have not had time to ask neither a surname, nor a name of the girl. Perhaps, mum of the suffered babe will see a material and will respond. I worry about the child, I want to learn about its state of health. Perhaps, it is necessary to give any evidences to the inspector. All - taki the originator should be punished.

the Girl lies till now in the Odessa hospital. The local militia now understands this awful case, and here in the zoo tragedy remember reluctantly.

- Mum is guilty itself - has planted the child near to a cage that the girl has communicated to beasts. If visitors put hands where it is not necessary excuse. At us wild animals, and they not tamed, - have commented veterinary surgeons in a zoo.