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Question of day: And kopeck it is a pity to you?

Sergey Margulis, numerolog, Krasnoyarsk:

- it is possible to throw out Copeck, and it any does not represent value. It is impossible to throw out two roubles, because without « dvushki » the sum of all face values of monetary units would make double « beast Number » (666)!

Galina Nikiforova, the pensioner, Krasnoyarsk:

- I sometimes in a drugstore pay off with kopecks, for medicines. But if will clean, there`s nothing to be done, it is visible for all any more money …

Vladimir of NIGHTINGALES, the telepresenter:

- At all I do not know... To present that the rouble is, and the copeck is not present, slozhnovato. And what to do with classical products? « have offended the God`s fool - have taken away kopeck »... For the future generations it is necessary to do a footnote: « The copeck is cancelled by the decision of the State Duma at the desire of the Central Bank in 2010 ».

Natalia NIKIFOROVA, the adviser of general director Goznaka (association which prints denominations and mints coins):

- Certainly, it is a pity. In - the first, the copeck is one of Russian symbols, occurs from a word « kopejshchik ». It is no casual on it George Pobedonosets with a spear it is represented. In - the second, Russia consists not only of Petersburg and Moscow that is why the copeck matters for very many rather poor people who consider copecks...

Dmitry YANIN, the chairman of the board of the International confederation of societies of consumers:

- it was a pity To me the Soviet kopeck which represented though any value. And present the damage only causes to environment. Coal the plait, millions spend for its manufacture, and sense a zero. It is necessary to be ekologichnee!

Sergey SMIRNOV, the director of Institute sotspolitiki the economy Higher school:

- Probably, no. Because, I hope, together with copeck will leave in the past and an introduction that the price of our life - copeck...

Yury MUM`S, the film director:

- it is not a pity. In this case I can regret only that I have not enough money. And as they will be called - kopeck, a penny, grivna, all is equal to me.

TIKHOMIROV`S Anna, the conductor of a trolley bus, Volgograd:

- I only for cancellation! It will be healthy, if the Central Bank basically reduces quantity of a trifle. And that for a day passengers is so much nakidajut that zamuchaeshsja to consider. And the bag becomes such heavy that handles are torn.

Tatyana RYAZANTSEV, the manager. Sector of numismatics of the Yaroslavl memorial estate:

- the Copeck is a symbol of statehood. Comes to to nobody mind to abolish franc or cent. Only two times in the history of Russia the copeck vanished from the reference - in Civil war and in 1991.

Evgenie, the ruined businessman, the reader of a site, Saratov:

- it is healthy! Now nobody will dare me to accuse that my business has cost a pretty penny to me...