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In Voronezh since October, 1st the payment for a kindergarten

Last time of the quotation will raise raised in 2008, and since then mums and fathers paid for the child of 650 roubles in a month. In kind one hundred mayoralty explains a present increase simply: podorozha - la - first of all products, - and health young voronezhtsev it is necessary to strengthen life. As mark in the administration, all parental money will go on purchase of meal for children. By the way, cost detsadovskogo a diet too will grow. Last year - since September, 1st 2009 - go - from city treasury 30 roubles were allocated for the child in day. Since October, 1st of this year there will be 47 roubles of 20 copecks. But it is clear, what even on such « to the raised tariff » normally the kid you will not feed. For this purpose also money of mums and fathers are necessary... Comfort only to exempts - their privileges will be saved.

Half from cost (that is 375 roubles a month) will pay:

-   lonely parents
-   Families, in which one of parents the invalid I or II groups
-   parents - students (if they study on a full-time department)
-   widows and widowers
-   trustees
-   families, in which one of parents - the military man passing a military call-up liability
-   parents (one of parents) - participants of operations
-   parents (one of parents) - liquidators of consequences of failures on the Chernobyl atomic power station, the alienations of the Chernobyl atomic power station evacuated from a zone
-   the families which are in a difficult social situation that the kindergarten free proves to be true documents from bodies sotszashchity

And for these categories:

-   both parents in a family - invalids I or II groups
-   one of parents - the invalid of operations
-   both parents - disabled from childhood
-   Both parents (or one of them) - pupils of children`s homes
-   one of parents is the permanent member of staff of a municipal kindergarten irrespective of a work place
-   parents of kiddies with deviations in development
-   the parents having of three and more minor children