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Under Voronezhem of three drivers were lost, having turned over by cars

the First car has overturned at half past eight p.m. on Friday, on September, 17th, - « the UAZ » in Hoholsky area. Was lost 53 - the summer driver. It is literally in some hours, already on the night of 18 - e, there was one more similar state of emergency - the young guy has not managed to drive the Peugeot. It has died on the spot, to it was only 23 years. Its friend is wounded. And in the morning on Saturday at the eighth o`clock, in area Povorino has broken kurjanin. Its foreign car has overturned on 592 - m kilometre of a line Moscow - Astrakhan which takes place cherezvoronezhskuju area.

From - for what there were these three similar failures, it is not known. But, as have noted in regional Management of the traffic police, all drivers were sober.

Everything, according to GAI officers, for Friday, on September, 17th, and two subsequent days off on region roads there were 42 road accidents. They have carried away lives seven person, 49 were traumatised. So, serious failure has happened on Sunday about the half sixth evening. On road Liski - Bottom Ikorets Shevrolet Niva has hooked on a roadside, has moved down in a ditch and ran into a tree. As a result two men are wounded, the woman was lost - she was 41 year old. As have told in Management of traffic police of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Voronezh region, the driver of a foreign car has taken to the heels, but he was quickly detained by inspectors. In Liskinsky ROVD have explained: the man, probably, did not think to disappear - simply was in shock. By the way, wounded men and lost to it not relatives - it only brought up them. Why the car, consider, in broad daylight has moved down in a ditch, it is not clear yet. The driver was sober. Now with it inspectors understand.

Unfortunately, has not managed and without the tragedies connected with motor-transport. About five o`clock in the evening on Friday, on September, 17th, under Rossoshju there was a next state of emergency to the scooter. Only it not the teenager, and the adult man of 54 years this time operated... It has left on a counter strip and ran in « To Oka ». Skuterist has died on the spot.