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Bread is a business serious

Some generations of bakers and young professionals, making use of experience of decades, bake tasty all of us favourite bread. Today the bakery personnel totals more than 1000 persons. Production assortment is rather diverse: more than 100 names of bakery products, more than 70 confectioner`s shops and more than 70 names of pies and cakes. Assortment updating proceeds, is developed and in a stage of introduction more than three tens new kinds of products, and quality of let out production immutably remains at the highest level.

For convenience of consumers there is own expanded network of firm shops and ambulatory shops « Tonar » located in each area of Kazan.

Thanks to a skilful management of the director which last 4 years Kafarov Dzhavidin Abdulnatifovich is, the enterprise collective could solve the big circle of problems


the Success of a bakery 3 can be considered from the different parties: the saved traditions, the experience passed on from generation to generation, amicable collective of highly professional workers and the managers, convenient working conditions, the modern equipment.

Constant partners of the bakery, the largest shops and supermarkets, « masters » The Kazan market also highly appreciate quality of production, reliability and value cooperation, and, as it is known, the reputation in the business world defines all.

Thanks to a skilful and sensitive management of the director which last 4 years Kafarov Dzhavidin Abdulnatifovich is, the enterprise collective could solve the big circle of problems as on industrial aspects is an upgrade of the equipment, search and introduction of innovations, repair of premises, and in respect of socially responsible personnel selection. At factory conditions for rest of workers in a night shift are created, dinner cost in a dining room is considerable below city quotations, there are also other privileges.



Introduction of innovations in manufacture has demanded re-planning of the available areas. For the last 4 - 5 years practically in each shop and on each site something is replaced, mounted, reconstructed. Now on manufacture work: the unique equipment of manufacture of Japanese firm « RHEON » for manufacture of rich products with stuffings of the various form; a line on glazing of production by chocolate glaze; a new line on manufacture melkoshtuchnyh products « Back - Tech ». It is a good indicator if the enterprise finds possibilities in difficult economic conditions for manufacture updating.

the Refined batch in all centuries was the feast culmination. At the heart of confectionery only natural products: elegantly picked up combinations of the easiest biscuit or honey korzhej, fruit and berries, phytogenesis whipped cream, modern design and the professional approach to each pie are capable to satisfy the most exacting sladkoezhku.



the Enterprise has received the Medal « Trust of consumers » which is used on labels. It means both a recognition of experts in area hlebopechenija, and love of the numerous buyers preferring production « the Kazan bakery 3 ». And each victory becomes a source of creative lifting for workers of the enterprise.