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Pupils of a kindergarten in the Ulyanovsk region have poisoned with kefir

we Will remind, from September, 5 till September, 7th in October local hospital 13 pupils of a kindergarten « have been hospitalised; the Cornflower » in Cherdaklinsky area. At kids at the age from 4 till 6 years were acute enteric infection signs. According to regional management of Rospotrebnadzora, now given flash « it is closed » that is there are more than cases of disease among detsadovtsev it is not fixed, children have recovered. And in the meantime, the Office of Public Prosecutor of Cherdaklinsky area has directed to investigating bodies materials of check for the decision of a question on criminal case excitation under article « Infringement sanitary - the epidemiological rules, the entailed mass disease or a poisoning of people ». According to examination, at pupils of a kindergarten « the Cornflower » was gastroenterit.

- It has been established that the given intestinal infection has been called by a poisoning turned sour - a dairy product, - the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region has informed. – the day before children drank kefir in a garden. According to check, at separate packings integrity has been broken. The kindergarten personnel should issue return and fix it in special magazine. However they have hidden this fact. Besides, a hospital management where children have arrived zabolvshie, on the given fact have not informed in Office of Public Prosecutor. Therefore the public prosecutor of Cherdaklinsky area has brought representation to the head of regional administration and the head of department obrazvanija with the requirement to make answerable officials.