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We choose a profitable and reliable PIF

At a stock exchange everything, as well as the white necessarily comes to lives - after a black strip.

However, as well as to the contrary. After hypersuccessful 2009 when also the main Russian share indexes (RTS and the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange), and actions of the overwhelming majority of the companies, and also shares of numerous share investment funds have grown several times, there has come calm. In 2010 the index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange that rose, again fell - the similar train diagramme investors name « a saw ». To trade in such market extremely difficult. From the beginning of year the index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange not only has not grown, but even has fallen to 2 %. Nevertheless many management companies even in such situation could bring in the income to the clients. How to find the PIF which will bring to you money in the future?


As it is known, it is possible to speculate on the Stock Exchange as independently, and by means of the intermediaries incurring management by your money. Someone, without trusting another, gets own broker bill and personally takes shares and bonds in stock market. Pluses of such strategy - you operate the savings. One cliques a mouse in the trading terminal or a call to the broker - and your securities have turned to cash. And on the contrary.

But there are also essential minuses. Successfully to trade at a stock exchange, the knowledge of economy and crowd psychology are necessary serious experience in the financial markets. Besides, not everyone will have some hours per day to watch quotations in a mode online and to carry out transactions on purchase and sale of actions and bonds. And nerves will not suffice. So independent trade at a stock exchange only for the advanced investors approaches. As a rule, the majority of those who wants to increase the capital in stock market, nevertheless prefer to be engaged in that business which brings in their the basic income, and to get additional profit on investments. Therefore they use professionals, that is put up money in share investment funds (PIFS).

After all competently to invest, it is necessary to be in an information field (in time to have time to buy or sell this or that action) constantly. A simple example. In the last some weeks of the action « Rostelecom » and the Autovase have grown almost twice. Daily their quotations grew on 15 - 20 %. Many professional players of the market knew in advance about the future change of a management in « Rostelecom » and sale of a large share holding in the Autovase. Therefore they could take these shares in the beginning of growth and well earn on it. Usual investors hardly could earn on it, without giving the market of special attention. Certainly, the big plus of PIFS that the investor saves the time. But thus the management company does not give any guarantee that your money will necessarily bring in your the income. Therefore it is the extremely important to find such company which at the minimum risk can make for you the maximum profit.


should be begun the PIF Choice with a management company. As have explained to the correspondent « » at financial planning Institute, the company should work in the market not less than 5 years, possess a high rating - not more low And (in National rating agency, Expert RA) and also to possess a wide ruler of PIFS. It will allow you to transfer money with the least costs from one fund in another. For example, in the crisis beginning many shareholders have shifted the money from PIFS of actions in more reliable PIFS of bonds and have saved the most part of the savings. Further it is necessary to choose, in what PIF to put up the money. The main criterion at a fund choice - a risk and profitableness parity. The majority of the PIFS working in the Russian market, it is possible to divide into three categories - funds of actions, bonds and the mixed investments.

As a rule, those PIFS which put up money of shareholders in the action, earn more during growth and more strongly decrease during stock market falling. Funds of bonds - practically analogue of the bank deposit at a stock exchange (that is the income, comparable with a rate of inflation, but high reliability). Funds of the mixed investments - original golden mean which allows to get profit during growth and to reduce risks during falling of quotations. It is logical that for moderate investors the greatest interest is represented by the balanced funds. And though experts warn that results of work of fund in the past do not guarantee the income in the future, to be guided on all of them it is possible (see the table). To pay attention at a choice thus it is necessary not only on the general growth in safe years, but also on how managing directors of fund have worked during recent crisis. The there was a falling, the better less.


Certainly, the majority of PIFS very strongly depend on market growth as a whole. And if the market falls, the majority of managing directors cannot confront with this tendency. After all if quotations of all securities the share price too inevitably falls (under the law in money managing directors decrease can hold no more than 15 % from total amount of means). A leah it is necessary to put up money for a stock exchange now? - There are expectations that the market will grow on 10 - 15 % by the end of the year, - Sergey Suverov, a member of index committee of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange considers. - principal causes - the statistics from the USA improves, and the European debt problems any more do not call so negative reaction investors. And the Russian market directly is connected with a situation on the western platforms.

- This year very uneasy, - is told by Feodor Naumov, analyst UK « Kapital ». - Many wait that the second half of the year will be more joyful for investors. Preconditions to it are. After all till now the price for oil highly enough keeps. Nevertheless to buy PIFS for the purpose of gamble it is impossible. As well as to buy them on all savings. For nonprofessional investors it is better to enclose in share funds no more than 20 - 30 % of the savings. And the rest to hold on deposits in reliable banks.


According to National league of managing directors, now in Russia operates about 1200 PIFS. In them it is concentrated more than 385 billion roubles. For comparison: on deposits in banks at citizens the much bigger sum - 8 bln. roubles lies. Thus, by approximate estimations, store savings in PIFS about 800 thousand Russians, and use bank contributions of ten millions.


What fund became the most profitable in 2010 году*
UK the Name of the PIF the Income from the beginning of year
the Power capital of the Balanced 26,52 %
Finam of the First 20,46 %
the Grandee - the Capital of the First 18,50 %
UralSib Fund of Professional 16,10 %
Aton Fund of savings of 15,67 %
Arsagera Fund of the mixed investments of 15,59 %
University Fund of the mixed investments of 14,74 %
* Among funds which put up money of shareholders in the action and bonds.
According to National league of managing directors (www. nlu. ru) from January, 10th till September, 17th, 2010.   for comparison: the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has in this time fallen to 2 %.