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Elena Vorobej has presented to Igor Mamenko for an anniversary brewery

On Monday, on September, 20th at the Penza regional drama theatre of a name of A. V.Lunacharsky the concert of the Russian actor, the humorist and parodist Igor Mamenko has taken place. This month Igor Vladimirovich has celebrated anniversary – to a star « the Notice » 50 years were executed. Before the beginning of comic show « main anekdotchik » the countries has answered questions of the Penza representatives of mass-media.

Vinokur could not arrive on a feast

- As have celebrated the day a birth?

- it is very good! It is live and kind, there were no held down conditions. Did not begin to remove bodily the whole restaurant, walked in the general hall together with usual people. As Regina Dubovitsky has told, was not any pontov.   All together sparkled and walked: Elena Vorobej, Sergey Drobotenko, Yury Askarov. Unfortunately, there could not arrive Vladimir Vinokur, he has been invited the next day a birth.


Igor Mamenko admitted that since the childhood collects jokes
the Photo: Sergey BLACK

- That have presented?

- Me all gifts were pleasant (laughs)! Were also long-awaited. I very much like to shoot, and to me have presented arbalet. Lena the Sparrow knows that I am not indifferent to beer, therefore it presented me mini brewery. However, now I try to watch over the health, any more I do not drink so much beer, as earlier. I will put brewery on a summer residence. As a rule, I do not reserve gifts, after all at me all is. People give me that consider it necessary.

Interview anshlagovtsa Igor Mamenko in Penza

- you said time and again that an example in a trade for you – Yury Nikulin. It was possible to meet it personally?

- Certainly! My father, too the circus actor, was a sign with Yury Vladimirovichem, worked with it in one number – the clown on podsadke. When destroyed old circus and started to build new, at this time only our family and Nikulin which in every possible way helped us there rehearsed. Us – young children have moved from hostel and only on Yury Vladimirovicha`s one call have returned back. Nikulin, there is Nikulin. I can not tell that we were friends, all - taki at us the big age difference, but I can precisely tell that it was the kind and good person.

is Nikulin has imparted to you love to jokes?

- Is not present, it I. Has started to collect jokes, being in pioneer camp. Has got to itself a notebook where wrote down pair of words from a joke that when it is necessary, to remember it bodily. I do not like them to read, it – mini - the story which needs to be able to be told well. Sometimes not so the joke ending, as process is important.  

Wait for a duet with Anna Semenovich

- It is said that at you a good voice. Do not want to start singing professionally?

- I try not to do it, let vocalists sing. I do an exception, only if a song ridiculous. So I already sang with Natasha Korolevoj, and soon on one of the central channels should show our duet with Anna Semenovich.

- Already shootings of various New Year`s projects now begin. A leah we will see you in any of them?

- Me have invited to shootings of a New Year`s musical which will act in film in St.-Petersburg. I do not know that I will do there, can be and sing. Also in this project it will be involved Kohl Baskov.


the Actor has appeared on stage of drama theatre
the Photo: Sergey BLACK

- you the representative in good sense of this word « old » humour schools. A leah is pleasant to you any youth comic projects, can be « Gum klab » or « you Give youth! »?

- First of all, in the humorist I see the actor, even if at it not absolutely successful texts. Unfortunately, from youth anybody especially it are not pleasant to me. They resourceful children, write them good jokes, but all it not that.

- It was possible to escape this year in holiday?

- Yes, at first I have gone to fish to Astrakhan, and have then gone on a safari to Africa. However, lions and has not seen. But has looked at elephants and antelopes, and biggest I ulov was – a catfish on 22 kgs.  

the Joke from Igor Mamenko:

- Mum sends the Jewish Little Red Riding Hood through wood to the grandmother and speaks to it: « Now my child in wood will stick to you a wolf. You do not pay to it attention. It is not necessary to us. Go at once to the grandmother. You will come to it to an izba, there she will say to you that she very old and wants to eat. You hold the ground: pies with cabbage – 30 roubles, with meat – 50 roubles ».