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Years to hundred to grow to us without nonsense


Couple of years back scientists have strongly afflicted persons of prepension years. And, apparently, absolutely « cucumbers » which from 30 to 40, have not pleased.

professor Timoti Salthaus from University of Virginia has reported that mental faculties start to decrease from 27 years. Speed of thought processes falls, it becomes more difficult to person to argue, analyze and be guided in space. On the decision of tests leaves more and more time. And the essence of some on a broader scale escapes understanding.

Jacobs have convinced scale experiments of existence of intellectual crisis of early age of the scientist with participation already 2000 persons from 18 till 60 years which suggested to solve various problems, to learn by heart text fragments, to remember and reproduce sequences of letters and symbols. In these « Exercises » 22 - summer men have shown the highest productivity of brainwork. Further - with the years - all is worse and worse.

Salthausa, truth, has surprised memory of examinees. Contrary to expectations, she did not suffer affliction almost in the course of time - remained at former level on the average till 37 years.

and 60 - summer were good only that knew much and were able to fill up this « luggage ».

the professor then still Also did not guess that erudition together with ability effectively to accumulate the information where it is the most important than the rest. Would know - poosteregsja with conclusions about intellectual backwardness of the senior colleagues. But they have taught it. And by means of the researches have proved: with the years all - taki grow wiser.

is not present, NOT ALL is lost

- Natural degenerate processes, of course, exist, - the British doctor Peter Konneli from Royal College of Paediatrics speaks. - But they do not mention long-term memory.

and in its efficiency the solution of the paradox which has been found out in a number of experiments also lies: elderly frequently find the right decisions much faster the young. Why? Because mature people lean against analogies - as a matter of fact, take from the intellectual stocks ready and already checked up « courses ».

- the Brain easily operates with the saved up information volume, quickly eliminating unusable, - professor John Morrison agrees. - and volume that more than the person is more senior. From it and its decisions look more logical. Elderly choose, and young model.

- people of advanced age are less subject to disarray from - for unusual or emotional information, rather than youth, - the professor of University of California echoes Dilip Dzhejst. - the Brain of the person behind which shoulders there are decades of life, is less impulsive and is more rational. Also it is possible to name it wisdom.

Physiological acknowledgement of a main role « life experience » Americans from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York have found, studied age changes in a brain of macaques. It was found out: monkey`s « grandfathers » could lose to half of cages which are responsible for mastering of the new. But those cages on which long-term memory,   keeps; were saved in full.


Barbara Stouch - the American researcher and the author of the sensational book « Secret life of a brain » - it do not agree with colleagues. Also considers as error the statement that brain cages gradually die off.

- many scientists assure that the person by the life end loses to 30 percent nejronov, - Barbara speaks. - however last experiments in which participated more than 6 thousand persons, have shown: Actually nervous cages remain whole. Communications between them are torn only. And only in the event that the person in any way will not involve them.

according to the researcher, the quantity mielina - substances which forces a signal faster to pass between nejronami in the course of time increases. As a result efficiency of thought processes only accrues.

Barbara assures that on occasion « intellectual force of a brain » raises already in 30 times (!) In comparison with average indexes. And the peak of activity of manufacture mielina just is necessary on 60 - summer age and is more senior. From here and wisdom.

it is not excluded, however, that the contribution is brought also by physiology. The brain what for - that is organised so that since a birth and approximately till 50 years for the decision of certain problems it connects that one, other hemisphere. And after 50 there are nervous communications which both parts of a brain simultaneously allow to use. It gives the chance to solve much more challenging tasks.


Brains it is necessary   « to knead »

Wisdom of the senior generation is threatened only still with the big wisdom. The large quantity of information already saved up for many long years and that which all arrives and arrives, can overflow operative memory. And it threatens with forgetfulness and absent-mindedness.

scientists advise: Not to run into marasmus, it is necessary to conduct constantly intellectual activity and to use the long-term memory. Otherwise it « will lie too long ».

And according to last scientific data, it will be rather useful here that:


Jogging is useful to a brain of not less diets or the decision of crossword puzzles. It strengthens zones in which most actively appear new nejrony, contributes in development mielina - this intellectual amplifier. From regular physical exercises the brain on a broader scale grows. Researchers of the Colombian and Cambridge universities explain a phenomenon increase of a current of blood and level of hormones.

and according to neurosurgeons from University of the State of Illinois, it is possible and not to run.

- Intellectual level of the person increases, if it makes in a week at least three walks for 40 minutes, - the head of researches professor Art Kramer declares. - the rhythm of steps has no basic value.

the scientist believes that walks stir up activity of all structure of a brain. As the person should react to numerous external irritants.


For stimulation of brain activity physicians necessarily register the diets rich with fruit and berries. However among them there is a champion. It is revealed that the floor - litre of juice of a bilberry or a blueberry improves every day memory. The effect is reached at the expense of containing in these berries antotsianinsov - substances which reduce electric resistance of nervous fibres. And accordingly facilitate passage of signals on them.


For maintenance of a sharpness of mind innovations are necessary. Master, for example, game on any musical instrument. We will tell, on a flute. It is useful and for intellectual activity of a brain, and for motor.

by estimations of the Swiss scientists from University of Zurich, regular musical exercises raise IQ on the average on 7 points.

- we surveyed aged people of 65 years who played a flute for 5 months, - professor Lutts of the Yankee speaks. - have noticed strong beneficent changes in their brain which mentioned the zones supervising hearing, memory, coordination of movements.