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Deputies of Novosibirsk country council have countenanced amendments to the budget - 2010

Deputies of Novosibirsk country council of deputies have countenanced amendments which will be brought in the budget of 2010. Yesterday at session of presidium of fraction « an United Russia » in a regional council initiatives on modification of the regional budget of current year towards its increase - more than on 1,73 billion roubles were discussed.

Even more peasants grants for habitation

First of all will receive amendments provide increase in grants for municipalities on gasification - on 52 million roubles. Even more 10 million roubles will arrive on input of kindergartens that will allow to open till the end of the year in Novosibirsk two preschool educational institutions. Capital investments will be increased almost on 150 million roubles. These means are necessary for school and kindergarten building in Iskitimsky area, and also extensions to sports school in area Chistoozernom.

Expenses of the regional budget on preferential medicinal maintenance will grow with 230 to 270 million roubles. On 235 million roubles from the regional budget the volume of grants will increase by housing and communal services fee, will grow as well fund of support of veterans of work of the Novosibirsk region - on 77 million roubles. Hardly less - on 75 million roubles - expenses on indemnification of a part of a parental payment in kindergartens will increase. But the lion`s share of investments will mention the patient for the majority of inhabitants of region a question - housing.
- the item of expenses on grants for citizens on building or acquisition of habitation we will raise from 1 billion to 1,7 billion roubles, - Alexey Bespalikov, the speaker of Novosibirsk country council of deputies has noted. – all who wishes to build and get habitation and has made an application, we till the end of the year will provide with grants. Inhabitants of village can receive 300 thousand roubles - on building of the private house and 150 thousand roubles - at purchase of the arranged well apartment.

Besides, one of amendments provides allocation of 20 million roubles on rendering assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War in improvement socially - conditions of life. Earlier all veterans of war have been provided by habitation at the expense of means of the federal budget. However some front-line soldiers then have refused new habitation, remained in the houses and apartments. This money will be spent for repair of roofs, waterpipes, houses on the threshold of coming winter.

the Priority - building of kindergartens and schools

- the Greatest sum will go on building and habitation acquisition, - Michael Tychkov, the vice-president of committee on the transport, industrial and information policy of Novosibirsk country council of deputies has commented on amendments. Is it is connected with the increased quantity of inquiries of the inhabitants needing the help at the decision of housing questions. On September, 30th these amendments will be considered at regional council session, and all interested persons will receive grants. And the increase in indemnifications of a parental payment in kindergartens is called by quantity growth doshkoljat.

Also Michael Tychkov has noticed that works on repair of houses and apartments of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, considered in amendments, already are conducted and will be finished till the end of 2010. According to Michael Tychkova, expenses of the regional budget manage to be increased in connection with redistribution of means, economy of the budget and mutually advantageous cooperation with the federal authorities.

- the school and a kindergarten in Zavjalovo for a long time are necessary to Iskitimsky area, and money for these purposes will be allocated, - Vladimir Goncharik, the vice-president of committee on social policy and health protection of Novosibirsk country council of deputies has underlined. - The school there already is under construction, by the end of the year it will hand over. And before children carried for 15 kilometres by the bus.

Vladimir Goncharik has underlined that the increase in expenses at preferential medicinal maintenance is the extremely important, as many at the expense of these means can receive the help in acquisition of medicines.