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Participants of race during which time there was a tragedy: Organizers promised to secure spectators a grid

In capital investigation of awful tragedy proceeds. We will remind, on the night of Sunday in the south of Moscow one of participants of illegal competitions on the car « Nissan Skajlajn » ran into crowd of spectators. From the strongest blow one of fans has died on the spot. Six more are wounded, two from them are in extremely grave condition.

According to the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, the driver « Nissan » Sergey Efims of right after happened has braided numbers from the car, villages in the car to friends and has left. Have found it without delay only in two hours. Sergey`s friends with such information of militia do not agree:

- It is said that Serezha was washed off on any « Mercedes » but him have detained in Odintsovo... It is delirium! Sergey itself has come cap in hand in traffic police of Southern district! - The girlfriend of racer Valery Tolmachyov tells. - it was in a state of shock. But, of course, understood that has done.

Sergey Efims now in hospital. According to its relatives, from - for stress feet were took away from it, and he cannot talk. In its protection friends have acted. Yesterday they gathered on a Moscow State University viewing point where, by the way, also quite often take place illegal races. But this time there it was not audible a roar of motors and squeal of wheels.

Yesterday there raised money for the spectators brought down by Sergey Yefimov.

- Nobody denies Sergey`s fault, but we demand to punish and organizers of race! - has declared one of stritrejserov Paul. - I there was, all it saw. Most likely, Sergey had a technical problem with car. Yefimov - the professional who was moved on advertising. After all promised that there there will be good competitions and decent prize-winning - hundred thousand roubles. By the way, organizers also promised that spectators will be separated from a line by a special grid. But it was not! When all has occurred I to the girl hardly has found three first-aid sets though cars there was more than 300, people - one thousand. And from organizers already and the trace has caught a cold...

the INQUIRY « »

« Nissan Skajlajn » - a sports car which was issued only for Japan. The all-wheel drive model GTR R32 which driver has brought down people on the illegal races, not so new - the sample of 1989, but it is especially popular till now in street racers worldwide. For it « bad » its power have nicknamed the Godzilla. 6 - the cylinder engine in volume « in total » in 2,6 litres even by the serial car gave out 280 horsepowers. And umeltsy increase its capacity to thousand « horses » and even it is more - at the expense of installation of more productive turbines and zakisi than nitrogen.

Under the law all interventions in the engine and changes in car technical characteristics are subject to check in in traffic police, and after special technical expert appraisal. But in practice anybody with it does not communicate, preferring year to buy from a year from dishonest inspectors checkup coupons. So there are less than problems, and increased from - for increased capacities of the car the transport tax it is not necessary to pay.

Andrey GRECHANNIK Has prepared.