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On to Fight of titans battled even conducting

Ljusja Lushchik:

- The day before one of participants was traumatised, and it was necessary to replace it with someone urgently. Peace Nikolay Nikolaevich has been urged to put me. It has occurred so quickly that I have not had time to be frightened at all! Competition was at the very beginning of film-making day. I only have greeted spectators and have there and then run to change clothes.

Under the task it was necessary to drive on a bicycle on a curve path and to strike in a hanging gong. Few times I have failed, have a little hurt a foot, but these are such trifles!

On the instructions of Ljusja Lushchik should drive on a bicycle on a curve path and strike in a hanging gong.

Evgenie Bulka:

On it a photo Evgenie Bulka has just come up from pool.

After the announcement of final results leaders of the project and participants of commands directly in clothes with relief there siganuli. Still: so much forces have been spent on shootings!

And competition in which the Roll could become the participant, was called « the love Bridge ». Together with the leader « Our news » on ONT Ekaterina Sychevsky they ran on turning millstones and represented a loving couple, keeping for hands. That will fast climb up the bridge constructed by rivals won, and will kiss. Let`s tell in secret, children have come to finish the first!

On it a photo Evgenie Bulka has just come up from pool.


Uncle Vanja has returned from shootings on crutches

this year shootings « Fights of titans » have appeared travmatichnymi for the Belarus commands.

In one of tests fragile 21 - summer Veronica Baranchik who represented at competition « Ms. Belarus » the city of Soligorsk, has seriously hurt a foot - it was necessary to impose plaster.

to Men has got in competition with bulls. Here the singer Uncle Vanja has hurt two ankles - feet have got under a hoof of a bull. So home it was necessary to come back on crutches.

Uncle Vanja has hidden in an ambush. Here - here in a hoop the furious bull should run in!

Has got from a bull to the singer and showman Dmitry Vrangelju. At first it has received from an animal in the right side, and then in … a groin.

is a punishment that I was not in army, - Dmitry laughs.

As the Belarus participants have acted this year, televiewers learn in September on channel ONT.

Inna Afanasevoj in a suit of a frog had to fly under a ceiling on fake samoletike. And it besides that Afanaseva in the first put admitted: « of Height I am afraid! »


Alexey`s ODARENKO Photo.