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The shower for hvojnikov

Perishes a thuja. What to do?

- this year has planted on a summer residence a thuja. Hvojnik has well got accustomed and has actively gone to growth. Only here now the needles at it have turned yellow. Really my tree perishes? How it to rescue?


- Abnormal heat and a smog which soars in air, have made the literally a dirty deed. At the majority of gardeners plants perish, especially it concerns very young hvojnikov.

  And carbonic oxide by which air is oversaturated, does not allow plants to breathe normally. It settles on needles and envelops a tree a film. To help a plant, to start it it is necessary to wash. If hvojnik absolutely small it can be rinsed water from a watering can, and for larger plant the hose is required.

  after a shower will not prevent to restore force of a plant. For this purpose we load a sprayer any growth factor and we spend processing.  

  it is impossible to forget and about watering, it should be plentiful. That the moisture long did not evaporate, about roots is done by a garden drill of deepening and we fill in a moisture there. After watering the hole should be covered an oblique grass or any other material that the moisture did not evaporate.

  as protection of a plant against a harmful ultraviolet and an overheat it is possible to use filters from plywood or any other material, they should be above and more widely a plant. Them usually establish from South side.

if you will observe all these recommendations you have a chance to rescue your thuja.

why fall down leaves at a nasturtium?

- Tatyana, help me advice. At a nasturtium already have now started to turn yellow and fall down leaves. Perhaps, we fill in a plant?


- to Fill in landings this year -   it something from the fantasy world. In - the first, the nasturtium is an annual plant, and, most likely, it has settled the stock of vital forces.

this year even at mnogoletnikov at good leaving leaves now start to fall down and turn yellow. All business in heat. Plants practically for a month before term have blossomed, and accordingly, both will be lost earlier. And here we anything will not help them. Continue to water a nasturtium few times in a week and do not blame itself that the plant dries up.

we make multiple copies peonies

- At me on a site the peony grows. Prompt, when the bush can be divided and as it correctly to make.


- to Divide peonies it is possible already after August, 15th. I hope, by this time of heat the plant with the least losses will fall down also will transfer this operation. Ideal age of a bush - 5 - 7 years. At a plant in dry weather it is cut off a land part and it is dug out it. Carefully washes roots from the earth and podvjalivaem them in a shade during 1 - 2 days.

on a flat surface   we display a rhizome and it is hammered into the middle kol, accurately loosening it, we take a peony to pieces with 3 - 5 kidneys on everyone.   such delenki is better approach for landing and receptions of a healthy strong and durable bush in the future. Everyone before landing for preventive maintenance of decay and other diseases it is placed in a potassium permanganate solution for 30 minutes or we use a preparation « Maxim ». Application of one of growth factors will not prevent. Then the sapling is placed in the centre of a hole and we cover with earth, trying, that kidneys were not deeper 3 - 5 sm from soil level. Otherwise the peony simply will not blossom. Root neck wrap up with a mix from ashes and sand in a proportion 1:1.