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In the Tver region already has burnt down more thousand hectares of wood

From the beginning of summer of natural fires it is fixed in 3 times more than for the similar period last year. Every day in region arises from 10 to 25 centres of kindlings. Everything, according to regional government of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, since April of this year 1056 hectares of wood have burnt down. The most problem - Kalininsky area.

Only on August, 10th 11 fires here are extinguished, thus all on their area was 20. More often in kindling people are guilty. Not in all country co-operative societies there are garbage tanks, and summer residents burn down garbage near to wood, without reflecting on consequences. At times such disorder leads to that the technician should involve on suppression small on the area (about square metre) fires.

- Conditions in area not extreme, but difficult. All fires occur from - for unconscientiousness of citizens, - the chief of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Tver region colonel Arsene Grigoryan considers . – People burn down all that is possible, breaking requirements of fire security. Having a rest forget to extinguish fires in woods, throw stubs. Our firemen work not days through three as earlier, and without days off, round-the-clock watches are organised. People very much were tired, and, at least, the next ten days of work will not decrease.

Now in suppression it is involved nearby 700 persons and more than 200 units of technics. In the Ministry of Emergency Measures assert that lesotorfjanyh fires it is enough forces and means for liquidation of the centres. On less dangerous sites firemen are helped by volunteers. 365 fires are at present extinguished already.

the Difficult situation has developed on the Vasilevsky Moss. From - for strong smoke blanketing air reconnaissance in time has not been spent. But two centres which are already liquidated are now revealed. A lot of technics it is thrown on liquidation of peat fires. It is already extinguished six hectares of the area on torfopererabatyvajushchem the enterprise in Orsha.

Two fire-engines work in settlement Radchenko of Konakovsky area. Fire was extinguished here by ten days, but from - for night thunder-storms there was a repeated kindling.

Threats to inhabited settlements are not present. Now all problem sites are removed from settlements on three - four kilometres. There, where the distance makes less kilometre, firemen round the clock are on duty.