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In Moldova the one-year-old babe was lost in road accident because of the father who has exceeded speed

on August, 10th of road of Moldova have collected « a rich crop » road accident, terrible on the consequences. Failure on a line Kishinev - Soroki in whom one child was lost is especially tragic, and another has received serious traumas. Thus the native father of kiddies became the originator of road accident.  

  Paulina Jakimovski, the chief specialist on public relations of management of Traffic police, has told details of this shocking stories. So, road accident has occurred on August, 10th about 7 evenings. The car VAZ in which there was a father and its two minor daughters, went on a line Kishinev - Soroki. The car went with considerable excess of speed.  
failure has occurred nearby to Orgeeva, on turn where the road was rough. On such high speed the driver has not managed to manage to drive. As a result the car has turned over. All family which was in the car &mdash has suffered; all three have been hospitalised. Already in hospital from the received traumas the one-year-old babe has died. To her elder sister whom 14 years, were possible to survive, but the girl has received heavy physical injuries. Traumas were received also by the originator of road accident — the father of girls.  
For days on August, 10th in Moldova 7 serious road accidents in which result two persons were lost,   have been registered; ten more have received physical injuries. And the number of road accident without victims much more has exceeded an average index: 41 failure has been registered.  
That has led to what in Moldova so the quantity of road accident has increased? With this question « it was converted to the chief specialist on public relations of management of Traffic police Pauline Jakimovski:  
- Unfortunately, I can not give you an irrefragable answer. You see that is created on our roads: all hurry, across Kishinev then stoppers there are formed, the infrastructure simply does not maintain!   I assume that the number of failures on roads has increased because by the end of summer to Moldova « have rushed » our fellow citizens living abroad, have arrived on rest. The city is hammered by cars to a limit, - has come out with the assumption of Paulina Jakimovski.