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Inhabitants of settlement the Green Pine forest near Tambov: We see, how woods burn, and firemen assure that that`s OK

the Fire under Morshansky has flashed on August, 7th about six evenings. Within several days fire 400 persons and 40 units of technics, and also helicopter MI - 8 extinguished nearby, the given Ministry of Emergency Measures of Belarus.

As soon as to inhabitants of settlement the Green Pine forest and villages Blagodatka of Morshansky area of the Tambov region declared that they should be ready to evacuation, among local residents the present panic has begun.

- Near to us woods burn, - Maria Stepanova, the inhabitant of settlement tells the Green Pine forest, - We contacted fellows villager whom voluntary I work in wood on a fire. So they say that   there all on fire, and   the flame moves directly on us. And the authorities assure that already all have extinguished, but thus warn: « Be ready to evacuation ».

Local residents have already collected things, however evacuations to wait not for a steel, and have called in the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia.

- At us here all burns, our men in wood extinguish the fourth days a fire, cannot cope with fire, and to us speak « be not stirred, all under control » - Olesya Zhibrova, the inhabitant of settlement is indignant. - all of us - taki have phoned to department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia and have complained of inactivity of firemen. There very much were surprised. On them have already reported that under Morshansky the fire is already liquidated. But those who work in wood, the eyes see, how trees &hellip burn;

All vicinities of settlement has clouded a smoke.
a photo: a press - services GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Tambov region.

Meanwhile according to the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures on 14. On August, 00 11, around settlement the Green Pine forest and villages Blagodatka the fire is localised.

- Under Morshansky will develop an emergency response centre, all management GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Tambov region now is there. Firemen work in three changes, without lunch breaks.   on August, 10th   there came governor Oleg Betin personally to check a situation, - Svetlana Pogorilovsky, the head tells a press - services GU CHS across the Tambov region. - Now the fire is localised. On a place works proceed. Round the clock we expose sentries on separate sites of wood, we spill territory, we lay mineralizovannye strips, we do opashku the kindling centres.

Work as the fireman is complicated by geographical features of area – woods under Morshansky dense and impassable, and also a heat and a drought. According to rescuers, now a situation under control, however exact forecasts while nobody gives. Threat of new kindlings, on - former, is high. And under forecasts of weather forecasters, in the near future cold snaps will not be.