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Petersburgers are torn to study in driver`s skill

Is right is, ability is not present

to Receive a driving licence simply. In total - that it is necessary to be disaccustomed in driving school and to pass not the most intricate examinations in traffic police. Tea, not sopromat. Here only after that it is far not to each owner of the brand new driver`s licence it is necessary to give a wheel at once.

- Ask teachers of any driving school: « Whom should you let out on road? » - and they cannot formulate, - the head of the Center of the higher driver`s skill, known race driver Andrey Gerasenkov speaks. - And we result the person in a class and on a board we paint, who such

the safe driver. On points. For example, it should be able to stop the car there where he wants instead of where the car wants. Not important - snow, ice, a ground. It is impossible - let`s learn, how it to do, what receptions are. And so - under all list.

- On my supervision, only one of ten can get into the car right after driving schools, - instructor Boris Nemov considers. - in the rests would not prevent to study still. They are lost in the most simple situations and from it are even more stirred. Their self-estimation falls, they start to be afraid of road and as a result drive the car nervously, provoking failures.

- Driving should not call stress, - the trainer on counteremergency preparation of the Center of driver`s trainings Ivan Chuzhmar speaks. Is it is reached by complete control over the car and over a situation round it. Learn it everyone can, is simple to one person for this purpose one term, to another - another is required.

Reforged ekstremaly

In Petersburg many driving schools which are aimed at the pupils already having a driving licence operate. And last years they enjoy wide popularity.

- Before crisis there was on a broader scale a notice, - the senior manager of the Center of the higher driver`s skill of Evgenie Andreeva tells. - Then there was a recession, and now again the people to us have gone. We type on two groups in a week. Already record goes only for September and further.

However, such schools in Russia are available only in big cities. In their Moscow about fifty, in Peter - ten two.

- basically come under recommendations of those who was already disaccustomed, - tells Andreeva. - Motivating at people different. Women, as a rule, aspire to learn safely to drive the car because they care of a family, about children. Men want to understand, on what their car is capable. Not in the street it to test. And many thirst to be able to drive and thus not to have accidents. But soon understand that it is incompatible.

- Us constantly ask, a leah we learn to extreme driving, - Andrey Gerasenkov grins. - I respond: « Want to break cars, then it not to us. To us - if want to save life ». Then they ask, to that we learn. We show, and they remain.

- Counteremergency preparation gives the chance to freaky drivers to understand, how much time they had close calls, - adds Andreeva. - As a result they change the relation to road.

However, quickly to go in such driving schools all the same learn - as for the speed to pass turns how to go round suddenly arisen obstacles. And thus not to lose control over a situation.

- Our purpose - to let to people know, where a limit of stability and controllability of their car, - explains Andreeva.

Only one of ten owners of the rights is capable to drive the car not bad. The rests need to study still to go safely.

From the pro it is the most difficult

the Most effective it is considered a method when the pupil at first is engaged on training apparatus. Thus they completely not necessarily should be computer. Simply enough table on which the wheel, armchairs, pedals and a transmission is fixed. On this simple equipment of the future masters of driving learn ten receptions rulenija, one hundred ways of braking. And only then - autodrome.

- Thus the driver should not reflect, what reception to it should be applied in a concrete situation, - Boris Nemov speaks. Is should become on the automatic machine.

Many large corporations actively use kontr -

emergency schools - send there to study the drivers with official cars. As a result breakdown susceptibility at them decreases for ninety percent.

- Professionals to learn most difficultly, - Gerasenkov tells. - They should be convinced that they not all know, what not all secrets it are opened. Remember the bus which on Neva was brought down in the winter by some persons? At the driver of 25 years of the experience, it that, the murderer? It specially chased pedestrians on sidewalk? No, it has simply slipped and did not know what to do in such situation. It rastrenirovannost. Unfortunately, not all motor car parks have drawn conclusions from this a case. I asked drivers when they last time urgently stopped the bus. They also could not remember. Heads of the autoenterprise asked, when they gave the chance to drivers to go round suddenly arisen obstacle. They responded: « What obstacle? On Neva there are no obstacles! » and it appears that is.

most easier to learn usual people who are borrowed in driving schools for the money - they pay and want to receive so knowledge necessary for them.

the INQUIRY « »

the Founder of the Russian school of driver`s skill the well-known trainer rallijnyh commands Ernest Tsygankov is considered. In the mid-seventies after a series of road accident with police officers the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has asked Tsygankov to teach some their drivers to go quickly and without failures. The same had a technique of preparation of racers - how to pass turns, as for the speed to go round obstacles how to watch rivals, what to do in critical situations which during rally arise almost every minute.

Then the trainer has created the curriculum which uses numerous racing receptions in the conditions of usual city driving. The technique of counteremergency preparation which the Russian special services till now use has turned out. The drivers serving the higher government officials, and motorcyclists were trained by Tsygankov from the governmental trains also.

Now Tsygankov`s program became accessible also to the usual people who are not carrying epaulets of FSB, FSO or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On it many schools of driver`s skill in Russia and abroad work.


Employment in driving schools of driver`s skill cost from 5,5 thousand rubles (a course which does from « teapots » adequate drivers) to 30 thousand (a counteremergency course for skilled drivers).

the Science of safe driving begins with correct landing at the wheel.


in That train on courses

Some receptions which are given to pupils of schools of driver`s skill

* Landing. It should be dense: it is necessary to sit down deeply in an armchair, to nestle on a back.

* attention Distribution. It is necessary to look not only at road before itself, but also in mirrors, constantly marking an arrangement and behaviour of other participants of movement. It is necessary to supervise steadfastly actions of drivers which behave strange, for example, lihachat, cut, nemotivirovanno are reconstructed from a number abreast. It is necessary to give special attention to drunk pedestrians and children - they can suddenly jump out on proezzhuju a part.

* Work with a wheel. Hands are a little bent. The successful fellow if to present a wheel in the form of a dial, - at ten and two o`clock. Rulenie at performance of many counteremergency receptions it is carried out at high speed an interception method. Thus in turns interceptions become in lateral sector of a wheel.

* Braking. Experts total some hundreds methods of decrease in speed. But as the most effective for emergency braking consider the pulse. For this purpose it is necessary to press on a pedal not constantly, and falteringly that wheels were not blocked: the brake way appears more shortly, and controllability is saved by the car.

* the Conclusion of the car from drift. It is carried out by fast turn of a wheel towards drift. Thus work as gas and coupling depends on type of a drive of the car. The special attention is given to a conclusion from rhythmic drift when the car winds here and there that is characteristic on slippery road for rear-wheel cars. Besides, is trained also to the return: how to start up the car in operated drift. It, appears, too happens it is necessary.

* the Detour of sudden obstacles. The way of a detour depends on hindrance type. One of the most dangerous methods - a sharp departure by means of drift on a roadside (for usual departure can not suffice time and a place) where it is necessary to catch the car and to return it on road. This reception is necessary, when someone has suddenly left to you towards and to turn on or brake already late. However to carry out it it is possible only after long trainings with the instructor, differently tragedies not to avoid.

* Journey of holes. It is carried out by means of sharp decrease in loading on the wheels which are passing over an obstacle. It is reached by touching of a pedal of a brake and easy turn of a wheel. Technically enough difficult reception, however it allows to avoid breakages, even when on a way the open hatch comes across.

* Actions at a pulling down of forward wheels. It is shown that in turn forward wheels turn, and the car continues to move directly. Management is thus lost. One of the most effective ways of struggle against a pulling down - a car conclusion in operated drift of back wheels: it is necessary, without releasing gas, to concern with the left foot brakes. After that « to catch » the car and to deduce it from drift, as usual. Correct performance of this reception probably only after trainings with the instructor.

* « the Policeman » a turn. In life this reception is not necessary, but it is beautiful, effective and useful to pupils: For one and a half second they should make eight operations and thus not to become puzzled, not to lose sense of the equilibrium in rotation. At movement it is directly necessary to squeeze out coupling and sharply to turn a wheel, simultaneously having lifted a bench hammer. In the end of a turn to include a reverse gear, to release a bench hammer, to catch the car and sharply to give gas. The turn is in the opposite direction carried out in the same way: coupling - a wheel - a bench hammer - the first or second transfer - a bench hammer - a wheel - gas.

In an arsenal of counteremergency preparation there are many receptions which racers use during rally.

WHERE to go

Driving school 1 VOA

the Nejshlotsky lane, 23, bodies. (812 542 - 05 - 13. www. 1voa. ru

the Oldest in Petersburg driving school. Works under the aegis of the All-Russia society of motorists. Has some autodromes and educational classes in different disctricts of the city.

« the Drive - a class »

Lermontovsky avenue, 1/ 44, of. 221, bodies. (812 702 - 81 - 61.

the School does an emphasis on skills of safe driving. To an extreme here do not learn. But try to achieve that graduates soberly estimated the possibilities, in any situation supervised the car and knew how to avoid road accident.

There is specially equipped training class where the technics of work of hands is put and theoretical lessons are conducted. Practice passes on the closed autodromes.

Tsygankov`s School

Zanevsky avenue, 61, a building 2, 1 - j a floor, bodies.: (812 528 - 93 - 90, 974 - 54 - 58, 974 - 94 - 00. www. auto - class. ru

the Center is created by the founding father of the Russian school of driver`s skill Ernest Tsygankov. In Petersburg since 1991 the branch works. Are available a training class for theoretical employment and autodrome - for practical. Pupils train in driving receptions in critical situations on any covering - from wet asphalt to snow porridge, and also techniques which exclude the typical errors of drivers leading to loss of management by car are fulfilled.

There are courses for « teapots » which are not able to get under way at all from a place. In five days they become confident drivers.

School « Moiseyev - Grahov »

avenue Toreza, 71, bodies.: (812 715 - 49 - 09, 925 - 49 - 09, 923 - 49 - 09. www. xdrive. spb. ru

the School has educational classes in which the technics of work with a wheel, and autodrome for a practical training is put. Employment are spent on summer and winter counteremergency preparation. Also it is possible to receive skills of sports and operative driving in which train employees of special services.

Driving school « Study after study »

the Narva avenue, 22, bodies. (812 956 - 30 - 96. www. posleychebi. ru

Initially the school put a problem to make of the people who have recently got the driver`s licence, the present drivers capable adequately to estimate a situation on road and is correct on it to react. However then the program has extended on all who wants to go safely in the car or to get rid of fear before road.

Here basically learn to the same, that and in the usual driving schools preparing for examinations in traffic police. Only more carefully, while receptions of safe driving do not become a habit.

Driving school « the Clever driver »

16 - I a line of Century O, 1, pom. 2, bodies.: (812 642 - 71 - 58, (905 287 - 36 - 77. www. idriver. spb. ru

At school train under programs « Struggle against drift » (only in the winter) and « Fast driving ». However, despite the name of the second program, fans of an extreme can not worry: instructors impart skills not effective, but effective and safe driving.

the Center of driving Orange Drive

House-building street, 4, BTS « Parnassus » of. 511, bodies. (812 947 - 83 - 81. www. orange - drive. com

There are classes for theoretical employment and own platform, on which the ice covering in the winter prepares for Training to methods of struggle against drifts. There is a special program for the women, made taking into account features of female psychology and perception. For them the special attention is given to a parking, dimensional preparation and development of correct and safe reactions to situations arising on road.

Educational centre RRT - Pilot

street Shkapina, 24, lighted., bodies.: (812 252 - 64 - 26, 252 - 64 - 53.

the Center conducts lessons both on increase of driver`s skill, and on counteremergency preparation. Here train in deducing of the car from drift, high-speed passage of turns, driving in extreme situations, to a detour of sudden obstacles.

School of driver`s skill of BMW

Krestovsky island, Southern road, 25, bodies. (812 992 - 93 - 93. www. bmw - driving - school. spb. ru

One of schools which BMW autoconcern has created worldwide. Its ideology consists that it is necessary to be able to go by good cars well and safely. Design features of cars of concern are thus considered. Nevertheless training there can pass owners of any stamps.

At school lessons and for motorcyclists are conducted.

School of safe driving

Vitebsk avenue, 11, a building 1, bodies.: (812 388 - 98 - 96, 700 - 67 - 44, 939 - 49 - 09. www. fulldrive. net

There is an educational class and autodrome. It is spent protivozanosnaja and counteremergency preparation under programs « the Ground » « Ice » « Asphalt ». Cars with frame protection are used.

Also there is a special course of driver`s skill for motorcyclists.

For motorcyclists

Motor-school « And »

bodies. (911 924 - 19 - 92. www. moto - a. ru

Except usual preparation for examinations in traffic police, at school train in correct behaviour in cases of loss of management of a motorcycle, impart skills

safe movement on a city and technics of management on a dirt road.

Motor-courses « the White nights »

Kolpino street, 12, bodies. (812 973 - 81 - 29. www. motokurs. ru

There is own educational platform. To pupils the full motor-equipment and educational motorcycles in the absence of the own stand out. The special attention is given to driving in the conditions of dense city movement.

Motor-school « Doctor Rajd »

emb. of the river of Smolenki, 1, bodies.: (812 323 - 52 - 15, (911 778 - 31 - 72, (963 243 - 27 - 81, (965 036 - 64 - 06. www. doctoride. com

Employment are spent on a special platform. There are courses of increase of driver`s skill and a course of operation of a motorcycle in the conditions of a city.