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Relatives of a mummy " are searched; the Ice person

Telo Ottsi, or the Zimelaunsky person, or as it have nicknamed in mass-media, « the Ice person » it was revealed on avstro - the Italian border in 1991. Vmorozhennaja in ice the mummy has appeared a perfect material for great variety of researches. Still - present « star » the person from a neolith! Owing to that the corpse was amazingly well saved, it have at first accepted for recently killed person and even have begun police investigation. It was found out later that Ottsi of veins of an order 5,3 thousand years ago.

In 2000 in the Archaeological museum of Southern Tirolja Ottsi have defrozen. Defroze « the Ice person » to find out, of what its last meal consisted, however along with DNA of a vegetative and animal origin it was possible to find DNA of Ottsi in intestines. And here today with 95 - work of the Spanish and Austrian scientists which worked over decoding of its DNA has come to the end with percentage success, informs (ScienceBlog. Ru).

All scientists have found 30 differences of DNA of Ottsi from standard « basic » genoma. By words genetikov in spite of the fact that Ottsi lived rather recently, the ancient inhabitant of the Alpes genetically essentially differed from modern people. It does not mean that Ottsi possessed any unique mutations, simply earlier there was a separate phylogenetic branch – group of men and women from the same DNA, as at « the Ice person ».

- up to the end to finish decoding genoma Ottsi, it is necessary for us to investigate its DNA on presence of genes which are responsible for predisposition to cancer diseases, Alzheimer`s diseases, to a diabetes, - one of authors of research Martin Richards has told about plans.

Researchers have set for themselves one more interesting problem: to find modern relatives of Ottsi. Though, according to experts are an ode from difficult vypolnimyh missions.

- while we have found nobody from our contemporaries who would concern that rare branch of mankind which Ottsi concerned, - Rollo from the Italian University Kamerino admitted Ex. - At least, anybody from those thousand and thousand the persons which DNA is deciphered. It is necessary to expand a search circle.

Besides, during detailed research it was found out that Ottsi was lost violent death, most likely, in the beginning it has been wounded by an arrow, and is finished by a stone from prashchi later. On its body the set of tattoos was revealed, from - for which it in the beginning have accepted for the shaman. Now scientists tend to the version of the cattleman or the farmer more.

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