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The best - to children?

those days I could fulfil duties of the chief of a beach of a children`s recreation camp from a city of Mine which has settled down in two kilometres from rural settlement Olginka of Tuapse area in territory   Open Company   « Boarding house of rest of sanatorium type of all-the-year-round action « the Shahtinsky textile worker ».

First of all I have got acquainted with children.  

- We go to school - a boarding school, but with us   boys from all Rostov region,   have a rest; - has told to me the boy presented by Sashej. -   the Third day us do not let to bathe, say that water dirty. However, last week the sea was without   a dirt, and we bathed.

it became a pity To me not only this child, but all other unfortunate children who went to the tender sea, and have got, to put it mildly, to a dirty bog. To children you will not explain that they became hostages of financial games of adults, from whose easy hand they « were fried » under the sun, pined with idleness and grew dull, throwing pebbles. Children of actions another interesting and useful to health here it was not spent. After all except a volleyball platform, unique on all beach, here was nothing. Besides its services could use no more than two percent of children.

Near to a pipe from which a sewage follows, children bathe.
a photo: a photo of the author

However I do not want to palter, one pleasure all - taki was: nearby to water in shop chips, suhariki, a forfeit, pepsi - all that on bolshemu to the bill is forbidden to children much were on sale. Besides « generous   the prices » extorted from pockets of kids everything that parents have given out to them on sweets and ice-cream. Though in territory of the children`s improving centre to do business for children it is forbidden. A leah

And all the best - to children? Till now I can not calm down from a frank children`s fright when Sasha has in a fit of temper told that one of these days in their case the girl from Rostov-on-Don has fallen from the second circle of a bed and « has beaten out zubik ». The shocking story of the child has shaken me to depth of soul. I was converted to the manager.

- Not your business! - she has responded.

Has tried to express the indignation and has again received terrifying statement: « At me such promoters, which   to you not to get ».

In territory of camp to children sell the forbidden aerated water and chips.
a photo: Photo of the author

By the way, I have found out that into a children`s zone have entered a drain pipe from which all sewage from adjoining territories while round it there was naichistejshaja a water arrived. Who has authorised to place in this bog the children`s improving centre?

Also I consider it necessary to add the following. To a housekeeping staff to be quiet and to work creatively, it is necessary to have the certified experts: workers of kitchen with medical books, and sailors - rescuers - with operating certificates that in shahtinskom a children`s recreation camp simply is not present today.

Alexander Olejnik, Taganrog.

Dear readers! And your children have already visited summer camp? What impressions about rest remained with them? Tell about it in the comments to article!