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eks - the Curator of courts and bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor can release prime minister Igor Chudinova under house arrest

has underlined that Igor Chudinov has made the first attempt to surrender still on August, 5th, akkurat that day when supporters of Urmata Baryktabasova held meeting in Bishkek. The Former head of the cabinet have suspected of communications with the disgraced Kazakh businessman.

– we do not know, coincidence it or not, we should investigate the given fact. If Chudinov does not concern last provocations, it will be let out from pre-trial detention centre GSNB under house arrest, – Beknazarov has declared.

Earlier head of GSNB Keneshbek Dujshebaev has declared that Chudinov did not surrender itself, and has been arrested during the planned special action.

the information on arrest eks - the prime minister on August, 10th has extended radio « Azattyk » (« Freedom ») Referring to own sources in civil service of national security of Kyrgyzstan. Beknazarov these data has confirmed. CHudinov it is accused of drawing of a damage to the state and abusing office position, most likely, accusation and in a money-laundering will be brought to it. The State Office of Public Prosecutor believes that Chudinov was one of initiators of frauds with the Russian credit in 300 million dollars. The consequence believes that money was used for game at world stock exchanges and receptions of personal profit. On the same business there passes the son of the former head of the state Maxim Bakiev. Both of them in the address deny charges.

Igor Chudinov headed the cabinet with 2007 for 2009, having stayed on this fast longer, than any other head of the government during presidency of Kurmanbeka Bakieva. Before it was the Minister of Energy, and after – the head of Fund of Development. This structure was engaged in distribution of the Russian credits.
After revolution on April, 7th Chudinov has left the country. By data from various sources, it plied between Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates where it has a business.