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The forecast from Innokentija Lunova on 16 - on August, 22nd


to attach powerful significance to small disorders - in your style. But is better keep nerves and cope with household problems easy, after all they not so are great, as it seems.

the bullock

Weigh all pro and contra before offering something for achievement wished. Probably, the purpose does not justify means and it is time to move in other direction.


concern requests of second half, especially More attentively if it concerns rest. Think up any entertainment which will be interesting to both of you.

a cancer

Show the initiative and be active. Take over the control of all important issues and try to finish them by Friday. Days off it is better to spend in the bosom of the family.

a lion

it is necessary for you to watch over the health and to avoid stresses. Take vacation is better and have properly a rest from everyday vanity. Positive emotions are guaranteed.

the maiden

Listen to instructions of the heads and more responsibly concern work. If want, that at you all turned out, will make efforts and do not waste time for nothing.


you catch at all affairs simultaneously and to yourself complicate a problem. Reconsider the plan of action, decide that for you it is more important, - and forward. The good plan - the keystone to success.

a scorpion

do not keep the ideas around, they not so are silly, as it seems to you. Share thoughts with authoritative people, and here will see, assistants and support will not keep itself waiting.


you at all do not have time for the private affairs. Try not to save work and the more so do not take it on the house. Designate the position to the heads, and to you will meet.

the goat

Is time to overcome the laziness, and for this purpose it is necessary to call to the aid friends. In search of new adventures get out for a city, be engaged in command sports and move more.


Investments will bring in the income. Spend means with mind and do not exceed the planned limit. Do not forget about gifts to your relatives, you did not give for a long time already them surprises.


will overflow you emotions, be accurater. Do not try to call jealousy at favourite and to test relations for durability. If you do not have not enough attention, and   tell.