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Power departments have passed to the strengthened mode of performance of duty

the Order of president Rozy Otunbaevoj, since August, 11th all forces and means of the Ministries of Defence, internal affairs, emergency situations, and also special services, financial police and internal troops of Ministry of Internal Affairs KR are translated to the strengthened mode of performance of duty.

such decision was accepted the government in connection with threat of destabilization of conditions in republic. The strengthening mode will operate until further notice heads of the state.

« the instruction on introduction of a particular treatment of functioning of the ministries, administrative departments, the state administrations of areas, areas, the mayoralties of cities » still has been the day before signed by the head of the state.

In Presidential Administration have noticed that analysis of the arriving information from state administration bodies, and also references of a civil society bear to presence of possible threats which destabilizations both public, and political conditions in the country can lead.

– except probability of destabilization of a situation in the country, provocative attacks of destructive forces, activization of extremist and criminal groupings with a view of relapse of mass riots are possible. Conditions considerably become complicated also that fact that the population available has a significant amount of the most different weapon and ammunition, – have noted in the device of the president.  

according to the officials, the taken measures will help as to provide necessary conditions for election campaign and to neutralise threats of national security, and to achieve maximum efficiency from executive power work. The basic efforts, forces and means of the listed departments it has been decided to concentrate to concrete areas and directions, namely: CHon - Alajsky, the Penalty - Kuldzhinsky, Uzgensky and Suzaksky.

it is offered to Officials and heads of power departments to pay special attention on « places of compact residing of ethnic groups, civil leaders and representatives of the government, a mass congestion of people, storages of the weapon, ammunition, military technology, poisonous and explosive substances ». Moreover, chiefs of departments oblige to report daily to the country authorities, giving a report in Security council KR.

In Osh and Dzhalal - Abadsky areas already are created today staffs on public order and security maintenance.